Looking after your skin in the age of makeup

Walk into any large department store and often the first thing you are greeted with is counter after counter of the various beauty companies all trying to sell their wares to you. Many will have a beautifully (often too-) made up assistant who will offer to show you your ‘perfect look’ or the right balance of colour for your skin type.

With the rise of social media apps and lifestyle bloggers and influencers, it can often feel like looking good is more of a priority than looking after yourself, and specifically, your skin.

Makeup’s not that bad, is it?

In truth, more and more makeup and cosmetics companies are increasingly more careful about the products that they use in their ranges. Micro-beads, for example, those tiny little beads of plastic are not only being phased out but made illegal in many countries on the back of their extreme potential harm to our environment. Companies are also increasingly more aware and careful about other harmful ingredients such as Parabens, for example, as we become more informed about what’s in the things we put on our bodies.

That said, even with precautions, it is unfortunate that some of us will still struggle to find cosmetics that won’t irritate our skin, as it’s particularly sensitive. What seem relatively minor additions to products, such as scents in shower gel, for example, can cause an extreme reaction in some.

But I want to wear makeup!

For those who do struggle with sensitive skin, the choice to wear makeup and risk a reaction can be a difficult one, but with society and Instagram telling us we need to “live our best life” more and more, many of us choose to suffer through the pain for the sake of looking good.

There are, however, a number of ranges which promise to be free from all those harmful ingredients in mainstream makeup ranges and that will be as kind to your skin as a chiffon scarf.

There are also ranges which cater exclusively for sensitive skin when it comes to your cleansing routine too. After all, it’s pointless to wear specialist makeup to then wash it off with a product that will irritate you.

In short, there is no reason why you can’t dazzle with your makeup without compromising on your skin care and your skin’s overall health. Klarify Me is just one example of a company providing specialist skin care ranges, click here to visit their website for more information.