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Latest Medical Updates about Blood Disorders

Over the decades of research, practice, and studies, the medical practitioners and doctors have accumulated medical information related to treating blood disorders. Many people are experiencing various blood-related diseases which deteriorate their health and wellness. Moreover, the blood diseases can be experienced in any ages.

Blood Disorders

Some diseases may be external and internal depending on the source and degree of the disorder. There are two categories of disorders namely acquired and inherited. An acquired blood disorder is derived from the physical phenomena that an individual experiences such as menstrual period and bleeding due to accidents.

On the other hand, the inherited disorder has something to do with the genetic makeup of the blood cells and influence of the mother to the child during the pregnancy stage such as hemophilia A, sickle cell disease, and hemolytic anemia.

Generally, the inherited blood disorders are serious life-threatening diseases because these disorders require extensive medications, blood transfusions, stem cells, and other relevant treatments.To know the latest trends and medical news concerning disorders, take time to read the context below:

Blood Disorder Medical News Headlines

The Hemlibra Treatment – November

A new blood disorder treatment was discovered and tested to cure patients with hemophilia A and autoimmune hemolytic anemia.

An estimated 5000 babies were diagnosed with hemophilia and this disease was 80% popular among male babies. The hemophilia A is an anemic condition wherein the newly born lacks a gene to produce proteins in the blood clotting formation. The Factor VIII antibodies are the protein which helps in the clotting formation. When an individual lacks Factor VIII antibodies, he might be diagnosed with hemophilia A. In this case, expect your wounds to take a longer time to heal due to the absence of this particular protein.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the Hemlibra is a medical treatment ingested amongpatients in which this procedure synthesizes protein and improvesthe clotting. Generally, this latest medical treatment is injected to patients with Factor VIII inhibitors antibodies and helps stop the bleeding episodes among the patients.

Dr. Richard Pazdur, an acting director of the Office of Hematology and Oncology Products, remarked, ‘the approval of the Hemlibra serves as a new preventive measure to significantly reduce the number of the bleeding among patients suffering from Hemophilia A. Moreover, these patients were observed as having improved physical mobility due to the effect of this treatment.’

The Genome Therapy – July 2017

According to the UNSW Sydney lead team of scientists, they have discovered another beneficial blood disorder treatment that can cure sickle cell diseasesand other severe anemic conditions. Based on the series of experiments and studies that they’ve conducted, they figured out the vital role of the natural mutation in the cells.

People, who suffer from the thalassemia diseases, are also carrying a natural mutation which can reduce the effect of the severe anemic condition. This natural mutation is also referred to as the British-198 mutation. They have an additional fetal hemoglobin present in their blood which acts as the catalyst for the adult and defective hemoglobin.

Professor Merlin Crossley stated that ‘their laboratory with CRISPR gene-editing mutation can now accurately cut and change the genes using their vast genome.’An alternation of the genetic code may eventually and naturally cure abnormal and irregular cells without sacrificing the health of the patients. They have also combined their laboratory research with the British-198 mutation to create an effective solution to combat inherent disorders.

However, this study is still ongoing and subject to series of discussions, experiments, and practices. Professor Crossley stated that the new gene-editing technique may adapt the British-198 mutation therapy and infused it with the stem-cell formation for the patients.

Regular CBC Check-Ups

It is important to have a quarterly or annual checkup every year in order to know your health status. You can consult a diagnostic clinic to test your complete blood count (CBC) and determine if you’re anemic or not. You may also seek a professional medical advice from the doctors to know the preventive measures in dealing with disorders. Find your best doctor at xpertdox of any rare diseases.

What is a CBC test? This refers to the blood test to assess the overall health and examine your blood to determine any signs of disorders such as infection, anemia, or leukemia. A complete blood count measuresthe majority of the blood components namely RBC, WBC, hemoglobin, plasma, and hematocrit. In this way, you can detect the possible increases or decreases in the blood cell count and ask the doctors to interpret the CBC result.

There are blood test indicators for every component in which you have to meet the mid-range in order to evaluate your overall health. Any abnormalities in the blood cell counts may indicate a serious medical attention to call for further treatment and evaluation.