Osteopathy is a non invasive drug free medicine that helps in the strengthening and the treatment of muscular-skeletal framework of the body includes muscles, spine and the joints. It basically focuses on providing positive effect to the body’s lymphatic, nervous and circulatory systems. There are various benefits of osteopathy treatment such as reduces joints pain, reduces the stiffness in muscles, helps in the treatment of spinal problems (that may occur due to poor body posture), removes chronic pain, decreasing the stress level on the joints, reduces tension, helps in treating the migraine headaches, increase the motion range in the joints, reduces the adhesions and scars, reduces the blood pressure and keeping it normal, increase the blood circulation, helps in the treatment of motor vehicle injuries and sports injuries and also it helps in balancing the structural and hormonal changes during pregnancy.

With a great experience of 50 years in expert diagnosis, pain management and treatment, St. Kilda Osteopathy is one of the leading Osteopathic Practices in St. Kilda and Melbourne. They have confidence in their ability to reduce the pain and discomfort, helps in speedy recovery and thus creating a great strategy for the optimal well being of the person.

St. Kilda Osteopathy has major focus on the overall body health of the person such as it provides quality treatment for all muscle and joint related injuries and complaints, has tailored treatment for individuals to reduce pain, helps in the rehabilitation of all sports injuries, has treatments for all age groups (baby, child, teenager and elders) and has pain management for chronic problems.

Each session will have thorough diagnosis, hands on treatment techniques ( mobilization and articulation of joints and muscles, dry needling, muscle energy, soft tissue massage, manipulation of pelvic regions and abdomen and stretching of joints and muscles) and complete explanation with the highest quality of Osteopathic expertise team. The especially individually tailored treatments helps in treating the chronic, acute and complex cases appropriately.

To compensate for any injury our body has the ability to heal itself but in some cases the injury is much greater than the ability of the body to heal so in that cases there is a need to get treatment so as to maintain the balance in the body. The treatment of osteopathy is based on enabling the body to work properly.

All the parts of body are interconnected and one part functioning depends on the normal functioning of body’s other part. There is need of proper and good circulation so that all the body parts get the desired nutrients and the waste products are removed properly. Minor injuries if ignored can create big structural problems in the body. As in the initial stage the person will have slight discomfort but later on if he ignores the issue then it can lead to bigger problem and in that case person requires having osteopathy medicines. Osteopathic treatment is very helpful in curing such issues.