I Came Off Weed – By Using CBD Instead

There are those who smoke weed, and there are those who would rather do anything else than smoke marijuana. I happen to fall in the first group. I used to love the euphoric effect of the cannabis plant, I’m not going to lie. Not to mention the imaginary happiness and boosted self-esteem that resulted from smoking five or six puffs of cannabis, until I became addicted.

I used to smoke weed with my friends, just for fun by the way. But as time went by, I realised that my body couldn’t live without puffing some of it each day.

I didn’t see anything wrong with smoking one joint a day but a time reached when that one translated into five. I was having a hard time concentrating at work and handling tasks that were allocated to me by my boss.

It took a friend of mine from the office to make me realise that my life was heading in the wrong direction. So, I had to make a right turn. I decided to completely stop smoking marijuana. Unfortunately, the ride wasn’t as smooth as I thought. Every day I went without it I experienced excruciating headaches, nausea, indigestion and problems with getting a good night’s sleep. You can get a good sense of what I experienced here.

After trying to remain weed-free for 3 days, I felt the burden was so heavy on me. At this point, I only had two options: either I go back to using cannabis or I find ways to deal with these incredibly irritating withdrawal symptoms.

The one thing I love about myself is that I’m always assertive. It’s not easy for me to change my decisions once I’ve made up my mind. Since I’d made a solid commitment to myself to stop smoking, I soldiered on.

To be honest, I was desperate to find a lasting solution to these withdrawal symptoms. Someone in the office suggested that I use CBD (Cannabidiol). CBD oil was already familiar to me since my mum suffers from chronic pain in which her doctor suggested that she should use CBD.

So I went and bought CBD online after reading some reviews on this website. As I’d consider myself a curious person I wanted to fully understand how CBD works and if it really does help you to quit smoking marijuana and relieve the withdrawal symptoms.

After many searches online (thank you Google), I discovered that smoking CBD isolates or vaping oils (essentially e-liquids that are infused with hemp) could relieve anxiety and fill the gap of a missing habit.

With this information, I felt confident to put my new treatment to a test. Since I learnt that vaping produced better results, that’s exactly what I did. And after weeks of trying CBD, I no longer worry about the onset of marijuana-related withdrawal symptoms.

One thing I came to learn about quitting smoking is that youmust replace your smoking habit (or other addictions for that matter) with new and healthier habitssuch as having a cup of tea or coffeeinstead of having a blunt. Keeping your mind focussed and pre-occupied really does make all the difference.

I cannot say that the urge to use weed has wholly disappeared, but whenever I feel like smoking marijuana I chew on some CBD gummies instead – they work a treat.

It’s easy to become addicted to smoking weed. But if you really want to quit, I suggest that you use CBD since it won’t give you the high, and it’ll help reduce the stress, anxiety and tension that comes from a craving. It’s worked for me – so it should work for you too.