How you can motivate others by your fitness?

As this year ends and the following year begins, many individuals will set a goal to get fit. Most likely they will be very motivated in the beginning, but over time they may slack a little. If you’re already health and fitness minded, you could lead them by example. Maybe all they need is someone like you to inspire them. Now you’re probably wondering, how you can motivate others by your fitness.

Here are some ways that you can.

Leading by Example

The first thing that will help to motivate others is through your workout at the gym. Leading by example can show someone that your routine rocks and works well. Keeping your form allows others to mimic your skills and implement them into their fitness program. For instance, any individual who is seeking a body shaped like yours will be naturally observing what you are doing to maintain your impressive figure. Not only will this motivate them but help them to achieve their fitness level goal.

Invite Friends and Family

Many people show an interest in fitness and talk about wanting to go to the gym but never seem to get there. Whereas, if you invite them to the gym, it may give them the push that they need to get their fitness program started. People that are relatively new to a gym atmosphere may seem intimidated by the athletic bodies and equipment. When someone is invited, it takes away the fear away because they know your there to support them to get fit.

Join a Competition or Event Together

Another excellent opportunity for boosting motivation levels is through events. Joining a marathon race or a bodybuilding event can give you both a healthy competition. When you begin to train for the event others will see your motivation and hard work. Soon, they will be trying to keep up with you and start to train as hard as possible to be as adequately healthy for the event.

Share Your Goals

Talking about your goals can help your friends and family to see your motivation and may get them to think about setting a goal of their own. Goals are why you’re trying to stay fit. For instance, your goal could be to live long enough to see your grandchildren grow or to strengthen your energy level. In all reality, they most likely have some of the same goals as you do. As you both are working on your fitness goal, you can help to encourage and support each other to stay on track.

Start a Buddy System

Working out together can motivate anyone as well as give you that extra nudge that you need as well. Turn your work out into a social event instead of hard work. Hire a personal trainer to help with specific exercise regiments and bring your buddy with you. When you give your buddy some positive feedback, it will encourage and motivate them to fulfill their exercise program.

Be Encouraging to Others

Offer fitness tips for any fitness level as well as encourage others in their goals. When others seem discouraged and want to give up, don’t let them. Instead, support them in ways that can help meet their goals. If someone confides in you that they’re unable to achieve their goal due to child care needs, offer resources that can help them. In fact, some moms trade off child care to meet their goals. Hook them up if you know someone.

Model New Behaviors

Take advantage of your weekly night out with your buddies. Suggest meeting at the gym before heading out for hot wings and a beer. Being the fitness role model for the group could begin a new tradition for you and your friends. Inviting your friends into your world of fitness could be the motivation they are looking for as well as another night out. Getting involved in fitness together keeps it lively and not boring for both of you. Instead, have fun together as you become healthy.

Put the Focus on Health, Rather Than Appearance

When helping others to become motivated, you need to focus on the healthy part of a workout, instead of how it may alter their appearance. Some people may take offense to your motives and feel inadequate around you, and give up before they even get started. They are looking at you for advice so give them healthier ways to accomplish and complete their goals.

When you think about it, you need to explain how much better you have slept since you started a regular exercise workout. Then, in essence, tell them they could also enjoy a better nights rest once they have started their own program. Using your experiences and health changes to inspire them will make all of the difference in their final outcome.

Get online 

Another way to spread awareness and motivation is to build a website that is dedicated to your motive. It is a wonderful way to spread the awareness amongst a wider audience. You can make videos and write blogs related showcasing your fitness and workout sessions. You can even try to spread the knowledge of supplements that one should intake for a healthy life.

Creating a blog is not enough. Make your website look attractive, use catchy headlines, motivating content, use images that are for fitness. This would help you get engaged with your audience and motive maximum amount of your audience.


Given these motivated fitness points, you can really make a difference in someone’s life. So, reach out to others and get more involved with your friends and families health. Working together on your fitness goals will mean a lot to them.