How to use Shakeology

One of the greatest thing about shakeology is how it comes in handy. It will at all times help you in digesting anything you consume together with it and at the same time there is neither wrong nor right time to drink it. It’s not only considered as a meal replacement but also the healthiest meal of the day to help you in losing weight and increase energy levels.

You can never go wrong with Shakeology as it can be effective during a pre-workout, after a workout or anytime of the day when you need increased levels of energy. There are still other ways in which shakeology can be used on a daily basis. So just how can you use shakeology in your daily life?

Shakeology can be used daily as a supplement meal. The most popular ways that shakeology lovers do is to prepare the shake as either for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Shakeology formulas range from 140-170 calories depending on the formula.

If you want, there is an option of adding more ingredients like milk, nut-butters, and fruits to up the calorie count in your shakeology. That is why you find Shakeology giving you a lot of recipes for the shakes and smoothies.

Shakeology can also be used as a snack. It is a very rich snack for people who are on some type of workout programs. One thing to note is that Shakeology does not have a lot of fat which makes it easy for the body to absorb and the body quickly puts it to great usage.

One way of losing weight is to eat smaller portions throughout the day. Using Shakeology as a snack will help you increase the rate of metabolism and burning body fat. For a snack, you can either decide to make a ½ a scoop or a full scoop. When you feel hungry during the day, Shakeology is a perfect snack to keep you full at all times.

Shakeology can be a great pre-workout snack. What you need to do is to just drink your Shakeology 1 hour to your workout program. It will help you finish your intense workout with full energy.

As a natural booster. Shakeology defeats a lot of energy drinks in the markets today. Shakeology will give you sustained energy since it provides your body with nutrients while still keeping your blood sugar levels stable.

For a daily usage Shakeology can also be used for late night sweet cravings. It is normal to have cravings after ending your day. Instead of having junk, or a snack high in sugar that is also low in nutrition try and blend some shakeology recipe that is nutritious.

It is advisable to keep your larger meals during the day so that your body has time to burn off calories at night. Double chocolate recipe can help you clear your cravings.

Post workout supplement. During an extensive work out session, your body is in a depletion state and Shakeology will help you gain enough energy to keep you going.

Lastly, Shakeology can also be used as a healthy dessert. The desserts have more than 70 healthy ingredients. You can make a pie from Shakeology, peanut butter cups, and chocolate mousse.