How to Stay Motivated To Exercise Regularly

Exercise is extremely beneficial not only for our health but also for our mental wellbeing. Health and happiness go hand-in-hand indeed, a happy mind lives inside a healthy body. By embedding exercise in daily routine we can lead a healthy lifestyle, as it helps us to prevent cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and even depression. Sadly, it’s the lack of motivation that deters us from continuing a moderately intense exercise.

Besides our necessities, there are two more factors in our lives that keep us running; they are passion and motivation. With the constant touch of repetition, even your passion may seem to be tedious. It’s the motivation that holds the steering at that time, each one of us requires some daily dose of motivation. Motivation is the most crucial driving factor in supporting sustained health and fitness goal; it not only influences our effort but also fortifies our intention to maintain the exercise routine. Our busy schedule and the comfort of sedentary lifestyle put a continuous effort in discouraging us. Even by bringing change into our routine sometimes we struggle to keep ourselves focused and this is the time motivation comes as a savior. Now we will talk about the tried and tested methods to stay encouraged working out regularly-

Set a goal

Sketch a realistic goal, keeping your time and schedule in mind, the setting goal is like creating intrinsic motivation. Make sure you can adapt your lifestyle according to the goal; otherwise at the end, you will gain nothing but despair. After each exercise session, you may choose to write down your feeling, make an interesting chart to track your successes; this habit will reward you with by depicting your consistency. In future whenever you will want to quit this will remind you the very reason you started.

Work out with people who can cheer you up

What can be more enthusiastic than having a group of friends continuously applauding you, motivating you, whilst exercising? Their presence can make even the hardest exercise less exhausting and trick you to increase the span of your exercise; besides, you can participate in a healthy competition with them.

Reward Yourself

However, if you find it hard to set a long-term health and fitness goal you can actually push yourself to achieve little challenges like tomorrow you will run 2 miles no matter how strenuous it is. If you become successful in achieving so indulge yourself with a small gift like a new outfit or a short trip.

Last but not the least, discuss with a motivational speaker who can help you in customizing your workout session based on your present level of fitness, unique needs and goals. The initial evaluation will help them carve out a baseline necessary to begin the training, and you can measure your progress against that baseline. By striking our soul they make us introduce to our inner potential, our ability and inspire us to such extent that we wake up to live a life that we deserve. They help us to channelize our abilities to accelerate our performance. You can check out the blog of Robert St. Thomas for more information.