How to solve the problem of Circumcision in a newborn

The foreskin is the basically a double layered loose skin that is covering glands of a penis in front. It grows mainly in males from the time of embryonic. It usually occurs to protect penis glands from any injuries and also from direct touching. In newborn babies, there is no amount of retraction in the penis area. By the age of 3, about fifty percent foreskin is able to retract and it exposes the penis gland. With the start of puberty from the age of 12 to 13 more than ninety percent of the boys can retract and expose their penis glands. Adults have more than ninety-five chances that they are able to retract penis and exposing their glands.

If there is a problem with the exposing of glands then it is a medical problem and needed to be treated. While the penis is resting then the foreskin can be pulled to see the glands. The foreskin also exposes glands when there is an erection and it is normal. When puberty touches an adult then the size of the penis increases and the skin is covered in the shaft. The skin which was covering can now be easily moved back and forth. If none of these are happening then you or your child are suffering from a health problem. This health problem is termed as circumcision.

Different approaches for curing the problem

New generation laser method

It is a surgical method developed by the group of specialists after doing much research. There are many patients that have taken this and are much relieved with this process. Surgery is performed using Carbon-Di-Oxide Laser for cutting the foreskin. This is an effective method as it also cauterizes the area which is cut down. The wound is covered and it gets the strength is maintained by the use of sterile superglue medication. After the above process is completed the edges tissue becomes coagulated and forms coagulum covers the endings. This can now be easily cut using a scissor or a scalpel to remove the wounded skin.


Plastibell method using anesthesia

In this method first the anesthetic cream is applied to a penis in a newborn. Within 20 to 30 minutes time, the penis area becomes numb. Plastibell is used between glands of penis and prepuce. The tight thread is tightly tied over prepuce. The ischemia makes the prepuce change into color black and it eventually fell down in few days time. The narrow wound will take few more days for heal. This is one method that is used worldwide.

Traditional method

In the traditional method, the foreskin is cut using a scissor or scalpel without any medicinal help. The spill of blood is more in this method and the pain increasing with time. After the process is completed the patient has to be cleaned using distilled water, normal saline or antiseptic solution.  After four weeks of a traditional method of circumcision, the patient is asked to perform the small exercise. There are many people also who see it as a ritual in their community.