How To Find The Best Porcelain Veneers For Your Face

There are many ways to achieve that perfect smile, but many people consider porcelain veneers as the best and most effective way of doing it. Also known as dental veneers, these porcelain or resin composite shells are made to cover the teeth to fix a wide variety of dental problems, including chipped or broken teeth, malformations, and misalignment. They are also used to address teeth discoloration from stains from substances, excessive fluoride, root canal treatment, and resin fillings.

After deciding to undergo the procedure, it is important to remember that every facial feature is different. This is why you should consider the following guidelines in choosing veneers to achieve that perfect smile you have been dreaming about.

Determine The Shape Of Your Face

The face’s shape is one of the most important things you should consider when deciding on a type of veneer for your teeth.

Heart Shaped Face – People have faces that are heart-shaped should pick veneers that are rounded and shorter.

Oval Shaped Face – Square teeth compliment oval faces the best because they make it look fuller and wider. In the same way, people with the thin face should avoid thin and long veneers as they make it look longer.

Round Shaped Face – Longer veneers are best for people with round-shaped faces since it makes the teeth more pronounced, thereby lending a slimming effect to the face.

Square Shaped Face – Because the face is already angular, experts recommend veneers with softer edges to make the face look softer.

Decide On The Smile You Wish To Portray

Aside from the face’s shape, people who wish to have veneers installed should also decide on what kind of look they are going for. Specialists revealed that porcelain veneers are classified into a characteristic smile that clients want to have.

An aggressive smile, which is perfect for people who want to project a strong personality, can be achieved with porcelain veneers that have central and lateral that are square and round, matched with canines that are semi-straight or curving slightly. Dominant smiles, on the other hand, require sharply pointed canines with rounded central incisors and higher lateral incisors.

Slightly rounded central and lateral incisors and blunt canines provide an enhanced smile that is highly popular among women who participate in beauty pageants and photo ops as well as those in the entertainment and modeling industry. Meanwhile, oval style veneers are almost the same with aggressive ones, except canines and incisors are more rounded in shape.

These styles also have variations in some parts of the dental veneers to achieve certain looks.

Enhanced Style Variations

Focused. This kind of veneer is a variation of the enhanced style save for the fact that the central incisors are more angular and are lacking the rounded edges.

Functional. Another variation of the enhanced veneers is the functional style, which is characterized by more pointed canines.

Natural. A natural look is the variation of the enhanced style veneers more aggressively pointed canines.

Aggressive Style

Hollywood. The Hollywood style is a variation of the aggressive smile. However, it is characterized by slightly shorter lateral incisors compared to the central ones. This kind of veneer is the most popular among men as it lends them the ability to show off their perfect pearly whites without appearing too aggressive.

Mature. This aggressive style variation feature slightly more pointed canines.

Vigorous. The canines in this style of veneer are very pronounced to that point that it protrudes into the oral cavity, looking like fangs.

Oval Style

Softened. This variation of the oval style veneer has less pronounced curves at the teeth’s edges.

Youthful. This oval style variation consists of protruding canines as that of the vigorous veneer but with rounded incisors.

After taking all these into consideration, a person seeking to have veneers installed should be able to have that perfect smile look that suits their face and personality best. Read more about cosmetic dentistry and the wonders it can do for your entire face (and your way of life) in this article by Arthur Glosman DDS in Beverly Hills.