Home insemination-Your place, your comfort

Children are the God’s most wonderful creation. No couple wants to get deprived from the wonderful feeling of parenthood. Women feel that their journey of life being a woman completes after having a child. However,not every couple is that fortunate to enjoy this happiness. Again, the advancement in medical science has successfully irradiated the problem for those couples.

Insemination both at home and in the clinic is equally effective. Home insemination maintains your privacy. You can do the process at a cozy place in your home at your choice. However, there is much confusion about how to inseminate at home using fresh donor sperm. At home you can do your own insemination. Fresh sperm with optimal sperm count called MOT20+ is very popular for their high success rate. European Sperm Bank is very renowned among the other sperm banks because they always deal with MOT20+. Their professional approach and excellent service has made them the best choice.

Different people have different approaches toward insemination. Some follow spiritual processes or some prefer just to get the thing done.Nevertheless, keeping your patience is very important in order tohave success.You can order a home insemination kit but before that, you must make yourself fully knowledgeable about this. There is much information about home insemination on the internet and many books are available in the market. So read about home insemination and keep certain factors in mind to get great success.

  • You should have perfect knowledge about your menstrual and fertility cycle.You have to track yourself for at least three months and you can use ovulation predictor strips (OPK) and make yourself fully aware of the proper time for you to be inseminated. You can take help from your endocrinologist or Ob/Gyn to get an idea about your fertility and reproductive hormone level. You can visit a clinic to have fertility, hormones, cycle and blood tests even if you are doing your own insemination at home.
  • You have to find a donor. The donors are open or non-contact donors.
  • You can try both IUI and ICI for home insemination.You can use two straws of MOT20+ donor sperm at the same time.
  • You have to give an Authorization for home insemination before you buy sperm for insemination at home.
  • While you order a donor sperm for artificial insemination at home you will get a kit along with a proper guide manual. But don’t forget to take more advice from your healthcare professional.

European Sperm Bank ship sperm in a sealed metal tankcalled Dry Shipper.But you must return the tanks within two weeks.Thetank is kept in a transport box and the sperm in nitrogen vapor at 196 degree Celsius.They seal the tank to avoid any kind of tampering and the nitrogen vapor inside is harmless.They keep the sperm in a small plastic tube-straw immersed in a small quantity of liquid nitrogen.So use gloves while removing the straws as the liquid nitrogen is very cold. In home insemination you can lie down comfortably at a place of your choice. Raise and put your pelvis at perfect angle with the help of pillows. Don’t use bathrooms immediately after insemination. After you make yourselves comfortable insert the syringe into your vaginamaking sure that the syringe come close to the cervix.Then empty your syringe and wait for a minute. Lie down for an hour after the process. Thesuccess rate increases if the sperm cells immediately reach the organ.