Here’s how you cure knee pain naturally

Presenting simple DIY fixes for that niggling joint pain in the knee.

Knee pain is a reality that many senior citizens struggle with. However, it is also becoming increasingly common among younger age groups. It is brought on by poor bone health, a diminished or eroded cartilage surrounding the bone, injury, or an underlying medical disorder like osteoarthritis.

Whatever the cause of the joint pain in the knee, there are ways to deal with it and enjoy a fairly good quality of life. You might not need an invasive approach like surgery right away – here are a few simple fixes to deal with your painful knee.

* Work it.

  • Exercising a painful knee? Sounds counterproductive, but it’s not, unless you’re dealing with cartilage damage or a torn ligament. Exercise keeps the joint pain in the knee in check, and also accelerates healing by promoting blood flow to the area.
  • If the pain is minor in nature but intense enough to stop you in your tracks, you might have to learn a few stretches and leg exercises to restoreits good health.

  • A qualified trainer can show you how to stretch the knee without exerting undue pressure or aggravating the pain.
  • Meanwhile, you can learn a few resistance exercises to keep the knee active and build joint strength.
  • However, it is better to consult with your doctor before you take up any exercise regimen, and only after you have undergone requisite bone scans.

* Rest it.

  • Your painful knee will probably force you to take it easy for a while, so why not take a few days off from work just to rest and recuperate? Resting the painful joint can help it reset and heal faster.
  • Also, you can hasten the healing process by working on the inflammation at the site and applying a pain relief spray.
  • In case of an inflammation or swelling, apply a hot compress to ease the fluid build-up around the joint. 10 minutes later, apply a pain relief spray and allow the liquid to work on the pain. The spray penetrates the skin and tissues rapidly, and provides quick pain relief whenever you want.
  • Look for a spray with natural ingredients that act on the pain quickly, such as eucalyptus oil, wintergreen oil, turpentine oil and mint. Hold the can about 8 cm from the skin, shoot out a short blast of the liquid and leave it to penetrate the skin. Do not rub the spot excessively, but tap excess spray with gentle fingers.

* Treat it.

  • Getting the right diagnosis for the cause of the joint pain in the knee is crucial. It will help you find a way to live with, and eliminate, the pain.
  • Your doctor may prescribe exercises for a brief while along with painkilling medication. Or you might need physiotherapy for a few weeks. You can also alleviate the pain by using a good pain relief cream.