Everything You Need To Know About Podiatry

Everything You Need To Know About Podiatry

A branch of medicine which originated in Ancient Egypt around 2400 BC, Podiatry is a renowned branch of medicine which includesdiagnosis,prevention, and treatment of ailments associated with lower extremities.

Trained medical professionals who practice Podiatry are known as Podiatrists. They diagnose a variety of lower extremity ailments and also are highly specialized in certain fields areas such as- high risk wound care, Onco-podiatrist, Podiatric Orthopedic, foot and ankle surgery, Neuro-podiatrist, Podiatric Diabetologist, Podiatric Vascular specialist, Podiatric Radiologist, Forensic Podiatry, and many others.

There is a high demand for skilled podiatrists around the globe and they are one of the highly paid profession. Podiatrists often set up their own Podiatric clinic or “foot clinic” and also act as visiting surgeons at other private hospitals and clinics.

Visiting a Podiatrist has several advantages. We’ve listed a few below-

·         Get Rid Of Callusesand Corns

Feet calluses and corns are one of the most common foot ailments.They usually are caused due to frequent pressure and rubbing in a specific area. The pressure or rubbing may be a consequence of wearing ill-fitting foot ware, or thelack socks. Some symptoms of this ailment are hardened dry skin bumps, inflammation, flaky skin, and pain.

The major difference between calluses and corns is that theapplication of pressure on corns can be painful.

Athletes often suffer from calluses and corns as they perform extreme physical activities. Instrumentalists also suffer from calluses when they play instruments for an extended time.

Podiatrists can diagnose calluses and corns, and treat them effectively.

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·         Say No to Blisters

Blisters are fluid filled bubbles which are often formed on the skin due to several reasons such as wearing a new pair of shoes, chickenpox, touching a hot vessel, getting exposed to extremely cold weather, worm and spider bites, sunburn, and eczema.

Some of the symptoms of blisters are redness, pain, itching, pus formation, and inflammation. Podiatrists deal with blisters and help patients get rid of them with minimum pain.

·         They handle Foot Injuries

Podiatrists are trained to deal with various types of foot injuries. Some of them are-

Hammertoe– This is an ailment caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes in which the toe is deformed or abnormally bent. If left unchecked, hammertoe can get worse and cause lot of pain.

Bunions– This is a type of bone disorder in which a bony lump grows on a toe which is pushing against a neighboring toe. Some symptoms of Bunionsinclude numbness, redness, inflammation, soreness, hardened and dry skin, swelling, and development of calluses. If Bunions are not treated in time, they may lead arthritis.

Neuromas– In this condition, the tissue located near a nerve inside the foot gets thicker and causes pain between the toes while walking. Inflammation, pain, and numbness are some of the symptoms.

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