Discover the relationship between Muay Thai and weight loss

Weight loss is a trending topic, and it will be always. We live in a modern world with so many possibilities and commodities. But the same commodities that give us pleasure can also change our metabolism and make us overweight, unhappy, and unhealthy. Being stressed all the time and not moving around because you are in front of a screen is a terrible combination. People feel they have no time for exercise, and they see the world of fitness as something that is simply not made for them because it’s heavy or boring. But it doesn’t have to be this way, because Muay Thai is an alternative sport from Thailand that reached all over the world and provides a different type of training that will be both engaging and effective.

The difference between Muay Thai and other weight loss strategies is that this martial art combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise in the same session. You will end up really tired, and have so much fun as you do that you won’t really care much about it. You will learn a series of strikes and fists, and understand how to use your body in a faster and very effective way to beat your opponent. It requires prevalence and discipline, and will also enhance your capacity to focus.

Muay Thai is a fantastic exercise for all family members, including women and children. They have plenty of opportunities to improve and maintain a healthy weight, build confidence and discipline, and have lots of fun. In particular, women usually feel the social aspect of Muay Thai to be very entertaining and children feel interested in martial arts and learn how to behave themselves and build self-control.

One of the best health benefits of Muay Thai has to do with cardiovascular health. Since it combines cardio and bodyweight training, it will make your heart pump faster and increase its effectivity and strength. Additionally, it lowers your levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar, which will definitely improve your metabolic health and make you less likely to suffer heart conditions.

So, if you’re a man or woman interested in health topics, Muay Thai will be very useful, and become an alternative way to obtain excellent fitness levels without so much repetitions and lifting so much weight at the gym.

Lastly, we want to remind you that Muay Thai was born in Thailand. Even though you may find this discipline in almost any country you go, learning Muay Thai in Thailand is an experience you don’t want to miss. If you want to try one session, come by and visit one of our Muay Thai training camps.