Dealing with the issues of digestion when you are pregnant

One of the common problems that women face up during the times of pregnancy is indigestion. Nearly 80 % of women encounter the symptoms at some point during the course of pregnancy. With pregnancy digestion medicine you can expect some form of relief. But you need to be aware of what is to be eaten and how to prevent that burning sensation of your stomach.

The moment a woman eats the chances are that they may face up that burning sensation. This could be just a few weeks into the pregnancy. In case of others it does become a problem when the hump is expanding and there is no place for food to creep in. But one thing is for sure, which is that most women do experience the symptom of digestion at some point of time during pregnancy. It could be a very uncomfortable feeling and make you bloated and nausea at the same time.

You cannot pinpoint any single cause of indigestion during the time of pregnancy. It could be due to the stretching of the stomach or the hormonal changes that are part of pregnancy. In fact the acid could make a move out of the stomach as well. As part of the digestion medicine during pregnancy you can opt for antacids which do prove one of the effective tips to deal with pregnancy digestion blues. There are some protocols which you can follow for sure

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Instead of 3 meals a day opt for 5 to 6 meals a day

As per medical experts it is suggested that you should eat often and little so as to reduce the burning sensation in your stomach. In order to cope up with the issues of heartburn during pregnancy switch to small meals instead of large meals. Just do not fall into the myth of eating more than what is needed.

Keep away from spicy and fatty foods

Many women are prone to pregnancy food cravings. This should not surprise you a wee bit as well. At the same time if you consume fried, fatty food it could make the process of digestion more badly. At the same time raw onions could also creep in after a meal to aggravate the symptoms of indigestion as well. If you really feel that the cravings are strong enough then be aware that the consequences might be fatal

Drinking milk

Some women resort to a glass of milk so as to keep the process of indigestion at bay. Ice cream or Yoghurt might make the situation a bit better by providing a cooling effect. But be aware that this will not be the case with each woman as sometimes the symptoms do become worse.

A food diary is a must

Do keep a food dairy as this might come in handy. Make a list of foods items that might trigger heart burn and avoid them. At the same time it could be different for each and every woman.