Could Smile Care In Leicester Straighten Out Your Oral Health?

Pulling things together

Last year will undoubtedly go down as one of the most challenging and unprecedented years in recent history. With its constant turbulent changes, it has left a lot of people looking for new and innovative ways to look after themselves and those around them.

This has lead to more people than ever seeking out help from reputable dental practices such as Smile Care in Leichester as a way of solving any underlying oral health problems and making sure that their teeth will not impact their general health.

One of the most effective ways of preserving your oral health – for those who have misplaced or crooked teeth – is to opt for orthodontic treatment. These cover an expanse of different methods, but all aim to push your teeth together until they are straight – which massively reduces the likelihood of periodontal disease, gingivitis and bad breath.

What are my orthodontic options?

In the past, orthodontics primarily entitled the installation of large metallic braces, which were bonded to each individual tooth, and attached with a metal wire.

This is an effective method of realigning crooked teeth which are still used widely today, however, it was not designed to consider how the aesthetics of the treatment might impact the patient.

Nowadays there are several cosmetic orthodontic treatment methods which have been specifically engineered to have little to no impact on a patient’s aesthetics whilst they are undergoing treatment. As you can imagine, these such treatments have become massively popular – especially within the demographics of teenagers or young professionals.

Inviaslign clear braces

One such cosmetic orthodontic treatment which has taken the nation by storm is the Invialsign retainer system. This is an alternative orthodontic solution for minorly misplaced teeth which does not need anything to be bonded or fixed to the patient’s teeth.

Rather, the Invisalign system makes use of pressure points within a custom-made dental retainer to apply force to specific teeth within the patient’s mouth. Over time, when the retainer is worn, these pressure points gradually shift the desired teeth into their proper space.

One aspect of the Invisalign retainer system which has made it so widely popular today is that because each of the retainers is uniquely crafted for each patient by using a digital impression or physical mould of their tooth shape, and because they are made from a thin, translucent plastic when the retainer is worn it becomes almost totally invisible.

Another one of the main attractions to the Invisalign retainer system is that it can be periodically removed whenever the patient wishes to. This is unlike most other forms of orthodontics, which are typically fixed or bonded to the patient teeth for the entire duration of treatment.

The removable nature of the Invisalign retainer system means that patients have the freedom to work their treatment times around their own schedules – such as opting to only wear their retainer when at home or choosing to remove them for an important meeting or photograph.

How do I get Invisalign?

If you feel that you have teeth which are badly aligned and that you could be benefiting from a treatment such as Invisalign, then simply book a consultation with a trusted, local provider.

By doing so, you may have effectively started on the first step towards a healthier, cleaner and straighter looking smile.