Cool yourself this summer with CryoFacial

Cryo Facial or Cryo therapy is the method of applying low temperature techniques to face or any part of the body. It is a medical therapy which has been practised by certified dermatologists to treat benign and malignant damages which have been caused to tissues. In medical terms, these tissue damages are known as lesions. The word cryotherapy has been derived from the Greek Greek language Cryo means Cold and therapy means Cure. The cryotherapy is treating the lesions with cold therapies. It has been in use from the seventeenth century. You may read more reviews about cryo facial at Advanced Cryo.

Benefit of Cryotherapy:

By using Cryotherapy, there will be a decrease of cell growth and reproduction of new cells. This happens with improved metabolism rate. The use of cryo facial also takes place with the increase of cellular survival, decrease of inflammation, reduction in acne pains and spasm, promotion of constriction in blood vessels, rejuvenates the dull skin. When we use extreme temperatures, it helps to destroy cells by crystalizing the cytosol. Cytosol is a liquid which is found inside the cells; in medical language it is known as intracellular fluid.

The cryotherapy is known to be used even for surgical treatments and it is known as cryosurgery. This therapy has also been named as ice-pack therapy. The good thing is that, this therapy has not only been helpful for medical or surgical purposes; it has been implemented for the use of men and women as a facial cosmetic purpose too. With the increasing temperatures, our skin gets dried out and it fades out with tiredness and sun-focus.

Whether you are staying in the air-conditioned car or blazing hot out-doors, your skin tends to get dried and lose its’ naturally tendency of moisturising. Hence, most of the time, a good facial massage and hydration techniques help to rejuvenate the skin cells and remove dead cells. Many services are provided for facial technology and one such facial technique which has been useful is Cryo technology. Many celebrities like David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo have implemented these Cryo facial technologies. The cryo facial treatments focus on the entire body or any specific body part if required. Read more reviews about cryo facial at Advanced Cryo here.

How is Cryotherapy being performed?

If you have any lesions, burns or damaged skin, this facial therapy cryo facial helps to treatment that portion of tissue. Initially facials were started as a mode of cosmetic treatment for women. The basic procedure of facial include cleansing of face, mild organic scrubbing and followed by tanning masks or anti-aging face mask. With the use of Cryo facial technology, two huge blubs are paced over you. The intense light helps to revitalize the skin and stimulate collagen production in the skin. After a light moisturiser is applied on the face, the face gets jet air to literally up to -140 deg C. As stated by the users, the feeling is little uncomfortable and it may seem like frozen face. But, after a good treatment, the face gets smoother and fine lines of wrinkles get reduced.