epilepsy medicine during pregnancy

Common Ailments associated with Pregnancy

Food and Indian

We Indians are extremely foodie in nature. We love oils, butter, ghee, masala, mirchi and every other sort of spices. However it must be admitted that these spices make Indian one of the best cuisine in the world. Although we Indian as we are so foody in nature sometimes we forget that our digestive system always have a limit to and take also. When the limit crosses our digestive system fails to act properly. Thus indigestion, diarrhea, cramps and many irritations happens. Pregnancy also has got a lot of side problems like diarrhea, constipation, ulcerative colitis, indigestion, colon cancer, Crohn’s disease, irritation in bowel etc. all regarding to digestive system. After skin this system is one of the longest spanning system in our body starting from mouth and ending into anus.

Digestion discomfort for pregnant woman

When a woman becomes pregnant it undergoes a lot of changes. Changes mainly regulated by the hormonal system which in response also affects upon the physical being of the woman. Remarkable be the changes but can be very problematic also.  These changes can also lead to discomfort in the digestive system. However not only the hormonal and physical changes ill habits may also lead to certain digestion system malfunctioning. Poor eating habits is one of reasons along with improper fitness. Thus it is very much certain for all would be mothers and also their family to provide a healthy diet, along with proper regime of exercise as guided by the doctor.

epilepsy medicine during pregnancy

Methods to solve the above discomfort

Pregnancy digestion medicines can also be used to stop these digestive system discomforts which are same as that prescribed for normal patients. Apart from medicines if any pregnant woman maintain proper habits like regular exercise, eat healthy foods with good amount of fiber which can enhance the metabolism and most importantly intake of accurate amount of water per day can keep the body fit and fine.


Epilepsy is a primarily chronic neurological disorder that occurs mainly due to immense inappropriate and excessive activity of the brain cells. This unstable condition leads to seizures or epileptic condition. Although the cause of this instability is still largely unknown. However being epileptic can invite a lot of other problems like brain injury, brain tumors and also stroke. If happened to a pregnant woman that might also result infection in the brain leading to birth defects like still birth, preterm birth etc.  Different types of seizures may occur like simple seizure and complex seizure. With the former one having less effect like dizziness, contraction in the limbs etc. and latter one being dangerous like unawareness, loss of response, blank gestures etc. Normal epilepsy medicine during pregnancy can be used to prevent this abnormal conditions. However it comes with a heavy price like still birth, heart malfunction of the baby and also in certain cases miscarriage also. On the contrary vitamin K is a very supplement given to epileptic pregnant woman

Social awareness

Pregnancy needs to have purest and fittest of the body condition because of its immense delicacy. So it is advised to maintain a proper lifestyle, not to invite these problems to damage the physical condition of the mother