Be Active At Your Work With Wakefulness-Promoting Agents

Energy level and focus level are the important factor for every human being who wants to prove themselves in all the aspects of their life. It is common to students who want to score higher marks in their schools and universities, and also for those who work in the corporate or government organizations. The reason is they just want to prove themselves to other also to their own selves. One of the utmost factors that prevent them from reaching their target success is sleep, due to this unwanted sleep factor during work and study period people suffer a lot in their normal life style.

It has much adverse effects in those people who work in rotational shifts or in night shifts, because of this disorder they are prevented from doing their work properly which will have negative effect in their rating and appraisal. Some people by nature are affected by sleep disorders like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, hypopnea syndrome, and other sleep related disorders. One of the best alternatives suggested by people is Modafinil and Armodafinil. Both are very famous drug medications that are especially available to treat the above mentioned sleep disorders.

Duties Of Modafinil And Armodafinil

Both of these medication help people recover from excess sleepiness and help you stay awake during your work schedule or study period. It helps you maintain your normal sleep routine irrespective of the shift you work in. You can also check more about these two drugs by reading the modafinil and armodafinil reviews from various available sources. It is always suggested to start any type of medication or drug with the supervision from the certified health care professional.

The amount of dosage depends on the level and seriousness of disorder for which you prefer to intake these medications. It is available in form of tablets and armodafinil is advised to take one tablet per day wither in morning or one hour before your shift. It is advised not to make it a habit and so to prevent you from being addicted to it. Armodafinil is considered as revised version of modafinil and so the side effects are minimized.

Sleep Demoting Agents

These wake promoting agents stimulate some of the functionality in brain to make you stay awake for some period of time. This is most popular in competitive environments to increase and boost the alertness, attentiveness, concentration and state of mood. The armodafinil drugs are approved by FDA in June 2007 to treat excessive daytime sleepiness while also treating chronic fatigue syndrome, and depressive disorders. The main chemical difference between these two drugs is Armodafinil contains only one enantiomer R-modafinil, whereas modafinil contains both R and the S enantiomers.

Because of this difference armodafinil is considered to be more purified than the modafinil, and also the normal dosage preferred for modafinil is higher than armodafinil i.e. 200 mg for modafinil and 150 mg for armodafinil. The safety standards are almost same due to their similar chemical structure.