Asafetida or Hing – A Super-Savory Spice in the Export List

Asafetida or hing is majorly used in Indian vegan recipes. Exporters of spices get most queries for this pungent spice across the globe. People who don’t eat garlic and onions use hing as a substitute spice to make the flavor of recipe interesting. Let’s learn in depth about this spice and its making process.

Asafetida is a savoury spice used in recipes as an alternative to onion and garlic. It has aiding properties that treat digestive issues. Asafetida comes from unusual sources. Spice manufacturers scrap the sap from the exposed plant root in the carrot family. This sap is later dried and crushed and packed for market consumers.

Asafetida spice is tan in color and can be used as a regular spice in the small amount to prepare delicious recipes. People who may have allergy from onions or garlic can opt for asafetida. It has the stronger odor and adds gentle flavor to the dishes.

While buying the pack of asafetida, make sure it is sealed closed because air-tight packaging helps the spice retain its properties. Don’t buy lose spices that are exposed to air and moisture because they have limited shelf life.

Medicinal uses of asafetida

Asafetida has potential to slow-down the microflora growth in the rectum and this helps in reducing flatulence. The antibiotic properties of hing strengthen your child’s immunity. It helps in fighting influenza. The roots of asafetida have the power to produce antiviral drugs that can even kill viruses like swine flu.

Traditionally, Indians are using hing for treating digestive problems such as gas, indigestion, and stomach ache. In Ayurveda, it is written that smudging hing on the abdomen with a small amount of water or alcohol can help relieve in stomach ache happened due to gas.

However, pregnant women should avoid taking hing because it has contraceptive properties. A normal person can take the help of this spice to balance vata dosha.

Health Benefits of Hing –

  • Relieves several digestive issues including constipation and gas
  • Act as vata and Kapha dosh balancing spice
  • Anti-cancer
  • Relieves respiratory infections
  • Relieves menstrual issues like pain, cramps, and irregular periods.
  • Relieves a migraine

If you are suffering from severe acidity, blood pressure, piles, liver issues, or blood disorders, then you should avoid consuming hing. Never consume hing when taking blood pressure medicines.

Tip from exporters of spices India to check the purity of asafetida – You can drop the hing in a glass of water. If it is adulterated, it will sink and settle at the bottom. Pure hing slowly and completely dissolves in the glass and changes water color to milky without leaving any sediment.