5 ways to treat a stomach infection

Suffering from the stomach flu? We have 5 handy tips to try and effect a cure.

It’s painful, it’s protracted and it makes you miserable. A stomach flu or stomach infection can force you to take time off from work or school, to rest at home. Meanwhile, your diet is severely curtailed because you are either too nauseous to eat or drink anything, or you are unable to digest whatever you consume.

If you or a loved one is suffering from the stomach flu, there are some easy ways to treat and cure it. Try these suggestions:

#1 Drink a lot of water. The stomach infection can affect the gastrointestinal tract and affect your appetite and also digestive processes. You will experience a loss of appetite, and runny and painful stools every time you eat something. Give your system a rest; drink a lot of water for two days to flush out the system, then graduate to clear soup (with less salt) and fresh fruit juice. Stay away from milk or milk-based drinks – lactose present in milk will only aggravate an already stressed digestive system.

#2 Take a course of antibiotics. Often, a course of antibiotics can both contain and kill the flu in the stomach. Your doctor will check you and prescribe a course of antibiotics to eliminate the stomach infection. However, the medicines may be a little strong, so be sure to take your tablets with a glass of cool water.

#3 Have ginger tea thrice a day. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. When made into tea, it has the potential to drive out the bacteria and pain associated with the stomach infection. Ginger tea also relieves nausea and reduces the vomiting to a large extent. Have ginger tea made by steeping fresh ginger, rock salt, lemon juice and mint leaves in boiling water thrice a day for at least three days, and you will feel the infection abating.

#4 Apply acupressure.Acupressure has been seen to relieve the nausea and bloating associated with a stomach flu. You can administer it yourself to relieve nausea: place your thumb three fingers-width below the palm of your hand. Hold that spot with your thumb – it is located between two tendons. Massage this spot for two minutes at a time, several times a day.

#5 Keep your hands clean. Often, stomach flu is caused by unclean hands handling raw food, or being used to eat food. Since you already have a stomach infection, you are likely to pass on the flu to others at home or in your vicinity. Practice hand hygiene by washing your hands several times a day with a good antibacterial soap. This is especially important after visiting the restroom, or before eating your food, or after returning home from outside.

Be sure to practice regular hand hygiene by washing your hands with an antibacterial soap several times a day. Also, wipe down cooking and food preparation surfaces, as also the toilet area, with an antibacterial liquid once a day.