5 Eye Care Tips for a Healthy Vision

Most people won’t trade their eyes for mountains of gold. Yet many don’t take proper care of their most indispensable sense. This results in accelerated visual degradation. Taking care of your eyes is essential if you want to maintain perfect vision.

Eyes are a delicate body part that must be taken care of conscientiously. Here are some tips recommended by experts to avoid damage to your eyes.

1. Eat a Balanced Diet

You should eat a balanced diet to maintain good eyesight. A well-balanced diet includes food items such as spinach, beetroot, and carrots. Your diet should also contain a lot of yellow fruits such as mangoes and papayas. These food items contain ingredients such as carotene, which promote good eye health.

2. Maintain Proper Distance from Screens

Medical experts recommend that you should maintain at least an arm’s length from your computer screen. Also, you should maintain about 16 inches from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet. However, the fact is that most people hold mobile devices as close as seven inches, which damages the eyes.

If you can’t focus on text from 16 inches away, you should consider increasing the font size. Also, you should read in soft lighting to minimize any strain on the eyes. In addition, you should consider buying an anti-glare filter for desktop monitors.

3. Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

When outdoors, you should wear sunglasses for eye protection. Bright light may feel wonderful but it can cause strain on the eyes. Consider purchasing a pair of sunglasses that can block UV rays. Also, you should buy a wide brim hat to ensure maximum protection of your eyes from the intense rays of the sun.

3. Take Care When Using Contacts

Are you using contact lens? If so, then you should take special care when using contact solution. Remember to check the expiry date. Also, you should wash contact lenses using the proper solution. Take care when washing lenses so as not to inadvertently expose them to dangerous microbes.

An important thing to keep in mind regarding eye care is to not use any drops to avoid redness. The reason is that these drops reduce the blood flow by shrinking blood vessels in the cornea. This can damage your eyes over time.

Lastly, you shouldn’t sleep while wearing contact lenses. Even if the contact lens is approved for overnight wear, you should give your eyes a break and take off lenses when sleeping.

4. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

Most people inadvertently rub their eyes. This habit can result in the spread of germs, resulting in an infection. You should not rub your eyes especially if you suffer from conjunctivitis. Consider using a tissue paper if you experience an itch in your eyes.

5. Schedule a Visit to the Optometrist

Lastly, you should remember to get your eyes tested at least once every two years.  Senior individuals should get their eyes tested every year to ensure optimum eye health. Regular checkup of your eyes will ensure that any eye trouble is alleviated immediately.

Following the above eye care tips will help you to maintain good eyesight. Taking care of your eyes will ensure that you see clearly without the need to spend thousands in costly eye surgeries.