Why You Need Varilux Lenses

Our eyes age just as everything else in our body. They reach the climax in the 20s and everything from there is just going downhill until the end of our life.

However, with today’s advancement in technology and the way of life, no one is forced to give up on their sight and accept the fact as it is. Lens manufacturers today made innovations that help every person with vision problems. The Varilux lenses are just the best solution there is today.

What is Varilux?

Varilux is a brand from Essilor who is considered to be the largest eyewear firm in the world. They make glasses and lenses for everyone from the age of 0 up to 100. If you have an eye problem, they will most probably have a solution for it.

Their latest innovation is called X series. The X series is the successor of the famous and very successful S series that had a lot of innovation in them. The latest ones are revolutionary in their own way because of many reasons. They took the base from the S series and made something even more special.

Varilux X series

The X models are something that is amazing. Their lenses are made to cover the blurry vision that we get when reading on a short distance. The arm length that a lot of people have a problem with is completely resolved with this innovation.

What they did is amazing. They have created a focal lens that is able to focus on different distances that are within your arm’s length. And if the arm length used to be around 15 inches, these lenses are able to correct the vision for up to 26 inches. You can learn more about having trouble seeing close in this articlehere.

The best part of it is that you no longer have to do the head tilt backward to be able to read something. The glasses will just focus on what you need right away. Let’s say your cat jumps on your lap while you read and defocus from the book. That is not going to be a problem, the lens will immediately recognize that the eyes are now looking into something else that has a different distance and refocus on this. It’s like having the camera of your smartphone inside your eyes. Amazing isn’t it!

The S series made perfect

As we already said, the S models were pretty revolutionary of their own. They fixed the problem with the swimming while walking the stairs and made the curved lines disappear and everything look almost as it is.

With the X series, this is taken to perfection. There’s no difference from reality to wearing lenses at all. The X models have completely eliminate any distortion of the sight. How is this done? The lenses have special focal points on different places that makes it able to focus on multiple parts of the area all at once. This makes everything look just the way it is and the person wearing the glasses doesn’t have to fear that is looking something different than it really is.

The difference between Varilux and the others

Every company is trying to sell their products and will tell you that they have something others don’t. However, if you find customer reviews online they will tell you that there isn’t anything similar to this. No one else has ever managed to fix the problem with the head tilt so easily.

Of course, you won’t go wrong getting something else because they are all made to make you feel better and see clearer. But, if you have problems with the issues that we mentioned, the Varilux is the right choice. See more about the science of this here: https://newgradoptometry.com/choosing-the-right-progressive-lenses-the-science-behind-glasses/


As you can see, technology has gone so far that the eye correctors started to look like cameras. And why not, right? Why not use the technology we have to fix problems that makes us feel down. The vision is one of the most important senses of our body and you need to pay extra attention to it. Not seeing well deserves to be treated with maximum respect.