Why Indonesian Food Worth Trying

When it comes to Asian cuisines, let’s admit it: Indonesian food is still new in terms of popularity. Sure, we have heard of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Korean cooking, but Indonesian cooking still has to be given the opportunity to be tried and tested by foodies from all over the world.

If you are the kind who is adventurous when it comes to food, then you definitely have to try out Indonesian dining. You can actually find Indonesian food in Singapore these days, thanks to the growing number of Indonesian migrants in the city-state.


But why exactly should you given Indo-cooking a try? Here are a few good reasons to do so:

  1. You are introduced to different kinds of curry.

One of the best dishes under an Indonesian food menu is curry. Well, make it curries, since the cuisine introduces you to a wide range of curry variants that you may not find anywhere else. Indonesian curry comes in different colours, each representing a particular type of flavour and level of spice. You may want to go for the common yellow curry that tastes filling but not as spicy as the green kind, or settle with the red curry that offers a bit of sweetness that complements the spice.

Indonesian curries also make use of cooking techniques coming from other cultures, such as India, so you will truly feel like you’re going on an adventure with the food alone.

  1. You get to see the versatility of peanuts.

Peanuts are often known to be eaten after they are roasted or steamed, but in Indonesia, they have a bigger purpose. It is only in this cuisine where you can find peanuts to be ground and turned into a paste so that it can be used as sauce for savoury dishes, such as chicken satay, grilled meat, and even in vegetables. Peanuts may also be ground and pulverized to serve as toppings for desserts like rice cakes, tapioca pudding, and other sweet treats.

  1. You’ll love all meals related to coconuts.

Indonesia, just like its neighbouring Southeast Asian countries, makes good use of coconuts on most of its dishes, just like peanuts. You may not only be served with coconut water as a refreshment drink, but also desserts with coconut cream and coconut milk. And yes, you also get to enjoy savoury dishes with coconut in them, and they are done in ways you have never imagined.

If you are a big fan of coconuts, then Indonesian cuisine is definitely for you.

  1. There are plenty of grilled delights.

Some people prefer their meals roasted and grilled, rather than fried or baked. Well, if you ought to try Indonesian food, then this will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Indonesian cooking makes good use of grills to prepare their main course meals, such as grilled chicken and beef. Chicken is often roasted as a whole and stuffed with herbs and spices in order for the meat to absorb the flavours, while beef is grilled in rather thin slices to make sure that they get to absorb the flavours properly.

  1. Indonesian cooking also has a lot of seafood dishes for you to enjoy.

Lastly, if you are to check out Indonesian food in Singapore, you will realize that they have an array of seafood dishes on their respective menus. This is the only cuisine where you can find fish and seafood curry, grilled fish and seafood with all sorts of stuffing, and many other surprises no other Asian cooking can showcase.

And lastly, Indonesian dishes are served in generous amounts, so you will definitely feel stuffed and contented by the end of your meal.