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Why Every Athlete Needs a Cold Therapy Machine

Injuries are a part and parcel of sports and athletics. They are almost a way of life for athletes and bodybuilders who work out on a regular basis. Every season athletes suffer at least one injury. Hence it is always a good idea for athletes to have cold packs or compression bandages handy at all times in case of emergencies.

Apart from these simple tools, an athlete should also have another device in order to treat themselves in case of injuries, and that is a cold therapy machine. It is by far the best treatment if you’ve suffered an injury and you want to get back in to the game as soon as possible.

Injuries can be of many types; some of them may require urgent and effective treatment while others can probably do with some simple home remedies. For example strains and sprains are two of the most common sports injuries that athletes suffer. And contradictory to common belief, the two are totally different conditions.

Strains are basically damaged muscles or tendons; ones that control the movement of joints. A sprain on the other hand is the tearing or stretching of a ligament. Both of these may vary in terms of severity and both of these may have similar symptoms. If you have difficulties walking or if you are in acute pain, then it’s probably something that needs immediate attention.

cold therapy machine

Similarly there are many more types of injuries like muscle tears or even recovery from injuries that may require immediate treatment. And the best approach to treat these issues is known as “RICE”, that is, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. It has already been proven effective and it precisely what a cold therapy machine does.

It provides consistent and effective cold application on the injury, which penetrates deeper than an ice pack and provides longer lasting effects. It can be used for a wide range of conditions including major and minor injuries, post-game recovery as well as surgery recovery.

Besides that, here are a few more reasons why every athlete needs a cold therapy machine.

To reduce soreness 

Soreness is not uncommon among athletes or sport players. They experience at least some amount of soreness after every workout session or game. As mentioned before, it is a big part of playing sports and athletes are best off being prepared for the same. Cold therapy machines help reduce such soreness and also provide relief to the pains and aches that follow an intensive workout session or game. It is one of the most effective and safe ways to recover from high-intensity exercises.

Relieves swelling 

Athletes or players do not get to take rest or put off practice every other day. Even if you’re experiencing soreness or swelling of muscles, it is inevitable that you get back to the gym or get back on the ground the next day, and continue practice. And it can be quite risky getting back to the gym when your muscles haven’t fully healed.

For the same reason you need to recover from sore muscles and swellings faster and you need to keep your muscles ready for action at all times. A cold therapy machine is the best way to achieve this kind of fast recovery from swelling. Using a cold therapy machine after every session helps reduce the swelling and inflammation caused by heavy exertion of muscles. This allows your muscles to recover in time for the activities of the next day.

Helps recover from injuries faster 

Very often athletes have to get back to their sport or activity before their injury is fully healed. This can cause severe adverse effects on the body. Especially when recovering from serious leg or arm injuries, it is important to allow them to heal before exerting them again. Hence it is always best to take complete rest during such times. Along with rest, you can also use a cold therapy machine to heal faster. The regular application of cold to the injured place will slow down cellular metabolism throughout the day, which allows your injured tissues to heal faster.

Provides treatment on the go 

Cold therapy machines are portable and easy to carry around. Hence it is not necessary that you stay back at the gym or playground to treat your sprain or strain. You can do so on your way back home, or at home while you’re watching TV. All you have to do is fill the tank with ice and set the machine to appropriate settings.

Apart from these uses, you can also use a cold therapy machine an ice bath. Usually ice baths can get pretty messy and time consuming. A cold therapy machine can provide the same benefits without the hassles of an actual ice batch.

Evidently, cold therapy machines are a must have for every athlete or sports enthusiast.