Why Cost of Hair Transplant in India 70% Cheaper Than other Countries

The hair loss or baldness problem is a devastating case if it affects one’s overall personality and looks by losing the self-esteem need and self-confidence. The hair loss can occur due to any reason, whether it is external or an internal factor. But, if the problems are associated with the genetic factor, known as the Androgenic alopecia, the solution of hair transplant is applied by the Surgeon. The hair transplant procedure is a plastic & a cosmetic surgery procedure performed by the expert Surgeons of plastic & cosmetic to get over the problem of baldness permanently. The hair transplant is a very prominent cosmetic treatment that is being practiced almost everywhere and in every part of the world by the Surgeons, Doctor, and Cosmetologist. The hair transplant cost is always being a question as it varies with every patient and each clinic. Someone says that it should be defined before the procedure at the time of reading about the treatment, but someone believes that it is a dynamic factor that only decided at the time of your consultation.

hair transplant cost

Yes, it is true and genuine that the hair transplant cost is decided at the time of the patient’s consultation owing to their challenges of need and expectations based on the patient’s present condition of hair loss or baldness. The hair transplant in Delhi offers you the chance of getting the treatment at a very less price with the expert hand treatment. The hair transplant cost in India is comparatively cheaper and medical data stated that it is around 70% cheaper than the cost of the procedure applied in other Western world countries like USA, UK, and Europe.

As a matter of fact, the hair transplant cost is a dynamic factor that is associated with many external & the internal factors of the procedure are mentioned below:

  1. The Available Grade of Baldness: The available NW grade of baldness arise the needed number of grafts that ultimately decides the cost of hair transplant. As much as the baldness grade increases, the need for the graft/follicular unit increased and it definitely affects the price of the treatment. According to the Norwood classification, there are 7 grades of baldness that describes the state of hair loss in the form of a pattern of loss also termed as the male pattern baldness.
  2. The needed Number of Grafts: The need for graft is decided by the baldness state and the desired density as well as the expected hairline design that directly influences the cost of the hair transplant procedure. As, for example, if a patient needs 3500 grafts the cost will be decided by the multiplication of needed number with per graft cost and hence in the case of the extreme grade of baldness, the cost is put on a lump sum basis.
  3. The High-density Hair Transplant: The high-density hair transplant needs a greater number of grafts to achieve the expected density and hence the cost of the procedure increases.
  4. The Recognition of the Surgeon: If the performing Surgeon has a very good reputation in the hair transplant world and possesses a number of certified accreditations and recognition with carving value in the respective field of the hair transplant procedure, the cost will be influenced and increases defined.
  5. The Reputation of the Clinic: The clinic’s reputation does matter in putting the cost of the procedure. A good hair transplant clinic has always offered the best facilities and care with a standard parameter of hygienic concern to support a safety and infection-free hair transplant procedure.
  6. The Location of the Clinic: The clinic location has a pivotal role in putting the cost of the procedure. The Western world has a higher cost of the procedure, whereas the Asian subcontinent offers the same service and facilities at a very reasonable cost. The cost of hair transplant in India is comparatively cheaper and very attractive that calls patient across the globe.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is one of the valuable plastic & cosmetic surgeries that completely get rid the problem of hair loss/baldness with a very supportive role of making the personality groom at an affordable cost in India.