Drug Treatment

What to Expect of Your Assessment at Christian Drug Treatment Centers

Christian drug rehab centers place God at the very heart of the recovery process to help those dealing with addiction to find a spiritual perspective to the recovery process.  Faith in God is the underlying philosophy in all the phases of a Christian addiction program.  The benefits that come with this approach to treatment as that it provides a deeper, long lasting base or foundation that you can depend upon to sustain your sobriety long term.

Here is what to expect from Christian drug treatment centers:

Empowered to hear God’s word

You are empowered to hear God’s word to deal with the deeper underlying issues that may have fostered your addiction.  The world of support you get at the Christian drug rehab that can then be extended to your local church helps you to work through doubt and potential shame associated with rehab.  You are also able to build healthy relationships and bond with like-minded individuals who share your faith and can be a helpful resource when needed.

Comprehensive aftercare

Christian drug treatment centers also offer comprehensive aftercare services that include individual and family therapy counseling sessions on a continuous basis, 12-step meetings, psychiatric care and management and physical rehabilitation. These programs have been known to offer comprehensive, research-based services based on best practices and in combination with traditional treatment methods to offer help based on scripture and Christian values all which come together nicely to help you through your recovery.

Recovery goals centered on Christian values

The goals of Christian-based therapy are pretty much the same with those of non-faith based approaches but the difference here is that each goal is enforced with Christian values to help strengthen your spiritual foundation that will in turn help to maintain your sobriety.  Some of these goals include consciously committing your; life and recovery to Christ’s care and control, ending drug abuse, submitting to the changes that God might want you to make and a strong belief that God exists.

Drug Treatment

This approach may not be easy for everyone to embrace especially those who do not have a spiritual life but the benefits that it has proven to have and its long-term effects might be something that will push you to give it a try.  Aside from the Christian elements of this approach, what typically happens during this treatment is essentially the same to other treatments.  It usually begins with a physical and psychological assessments.

Individualized assessment therapies

A physician will attend to you to assess your addiction and develop a detox plan based on the types of drugs that you are using.  Then a psychiatrist who specializes in addiction will assess you on several facets that include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or any other emotional and psychological issues.  These assessments help the rehabilitation staff to form a baseline that they will use to formulate therapies that best meet your needs.  It is important to note that assessment is an ongoing process throughout rehab.

You are then helped through the process of chemical detox, which can be very painful and scary so the help of a medical professional to get the drugs out of your system is essential.  After this, psychological therapies are introduced which will differ depending on what you are comfortable with.  These therapies may be either individual or group counseling sessions all infused with spiritual guidance, as the main thing in Christian rehab is the faith-based approach to recovery.

Meditation and psychoeducation

Meditation and psychoeducation are also components of the therapies and involve self-introspection and understanding of yourself and your addiction and being imparted with skills to better help you cope with your addiction, life, finances and living an addiction-free life.  You will then be educated on how best to foster working relationships with those around you, asking for forgiveness for any wrong done to them, seeking the support of close family and friends to help through the recovery process.  Another element of Christian rehab is the focus on rebuilding your spiritual life and connection to God.  This works to repair the rift in this relationship and strengthen it to better sustain your sobriety.  This will include Bible studies and involvement in spiritual guidance groups.

Addicts’ support

Christian drug rehab offers varied forms of support that may not be available with other treatment approaches.  Recovering addicts have access to spiritual guidance from faith leaders and access to social services like employment, housing and finances through the established networks.  They also have aftercare programs that help the transitioning process to society easier to handle.  Patients can opt to live in transitional living facilities if they are not quite ready to go back to their homes and attend outpatient therapy sessions.  Peer group counseling services are also offered.

These are some of the expectations when you enroll in a Christian rehab center.  Knowing what to expect in these drug addiction treatment centers places you in a better position to achieve your recovery goal.