What is the street drug special K

Special K scientifically known as ketamine is medication that is used as a general anesthesia especially during surgery. It tends to induce numbness and also helps in pain relief.

It is normally liquid is state when it is being used as an anesthesia. However, it in its original form, Ketamine is a white powder. It is also available in tablet form.

The medication is classified as a Class C drug. This means that it can’t be sold as an over-the counter medicine. You risk a 2 year jail term if you are caught with the medication with the intention to supply for weight loss and other treatment.

How is it used?

Ketamine has very many uses. It can be used medically and also recreationally


«  As an anesthesia; as mentioned above, special K is mostly used as a general anesthesia during        minor surgeries. Due to the effect of hallucinations, the medication is not used as a primary anesthesia

«  It is used in pain management; it works as a pain relief especially after surgery. The low doses of ketamine will help in lowering the feeling of nausea and also vomiting.

«  Depression; although the scientific research done on the matter is minimal, there have been reports that the drug can help in alleviating the depression like symptoms.

for weight loss and other treatment


There are people who have resulted to taking the medication as a recreational drug to alter their mental state and emotions. Despite its usage by many people, the drug has been linked to many deaths.

Side effects

When you use the drug, the effects will last for a very short period of time. When it wears off, you will get feelings of paralysis in the body and also hallucinations.

There are different side effects that are associated with this medication;

«  The risk of injuring yourself; when you are using ketamine, you usually have numbness. This can cause greater risk because when you hurt yourself, you may notice it until after the drug has worn off.

«  You will experience different cardiovascular related problems like the abnormal heart rhythm. Sometimes you will experience slow heart rate and also a faster heart rate.  High blood pressure has also been linked to it.

«  Respiratory effects; the drug tend to suppress breathing rate and it obstructs the airways and also cause respiratory distress.

«  You will also have gastrointestinal effects like increased salivation, nausea and vomiting and anorexia.

«  In high doses the  drug can be fatal especially if mixed with other substances as alcohol

«  Many of the long term users have reported the abdominal pains or cramps

«  It has been reported that using the drug for a long period of time can increase the mental problems.

«  Injecting the drug in to the veins can lead to swollen tissues

«  At times you may experience double vision and a loss of the peripheral vision

«  A low percentage of the people who have used the drug have reported liver damage.