Homeopathy and Naturopathy

What Differencesare there exactly between Homeopathy and Naturopathy?

Many good people when they hear the words “homeopathy” and “naturopathy”, will believe it to be one and the same thing, even though in fact they are hugely different in both practice and acceptance by people who advocate allopathic medicine.

homeopathic remedies

  • Homeopathy makes use of highly diluted substances to help in treating sicknesses, whilst naturopathy makes use of lifestyle habit changes and herbal medicines for treatment.

Both of these techniques of medical assistance concentrate on their patient’s physical and emotional welfare.

Catching Up with the Times


Homeopathy, meaning “similar suffering” in old Greek, was founded in Germany, 200 years ago, by one Samuel Hahnemann, when he developed a theory of the Law of Similars.

  • The Law of Similars basically means that any substance which creates symptoms in a healthy person will then cure a sick person with similar types of symptoms.


Whereas naturopathy, which roughly translates as “nature disease” in ancient Greek, became popular in the 19th century by a certain Benedict Lust.

  • This method is based on the use of natural substances and lifestyle alterations to help support the body in the healing of itself, and thus concentrate more on general health than just on the one single sickness or ailment.

Ignored in the Allopathic Medicine World

Deemed baseless by most of the allopathic medical community, homeopathy commonly takes a substance and then dilutes it until there is very little to none of the original substance remaining.

  • This is carried out by putting the ingredients in a base liquid, and then by means of shaking,straining and shaking it again, until the wished for level of the ingredients remain.

Based upon Hahnemann’s theory of water’s memory, that declares that the base will still retain the core of the harmful substance minus any of the substance, it then makes the medicine harmless.

  • Thisprocess of dilution makes it hard and difficult for any regularity amongst homeopathic remedies.

The More Popular Naturopathy

Naturopathy, focuses mostly on certain lifestyle changes, as in eating healthy, natural foods, exercise, and natural medicines for health problemslike herbs, acupuncture, or even meditation.