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What Conditions Does Ophthalmologist Treat?

An only kind of the eye specialists that are actual physicians, and ophthalmologists focus more on surgical and medical care of eyes as well as visual system that will prevent disease and injury. Even though trained to offer total vision care, which includes examinations or standard vision services, ophthalmologist Hong Kong spend their time in treating serious disorders, conditions, or diseases that will cause the visual disturbances. So, here are some common ones to look at.


The leading cause for blindness, glaucoma is one disease that strikes optic nerve, and causing slow vision loss. There are many people living with it. Glaucoma will cause some irreversible damage to your eyesight, it should be treated as early as possible by taking help of the expert eye surgery Hong Kong. The experienced ophthalmologist might prescribe pills and drops to prevent the permanent impairment. Suppose medications don’t achieve desired results, then surgery might be an only option for you. 


The common and age-related situation, cataracts are the cloudy areas, which form on lens of an eye. When left untreated, they will diminish your visual acuity to certain degree. Good news is they are totally treatable with one simple surgical treatment.

eye surgery Hong Kong

Retinal Diseases

The layer of the nerve cells at back of your eyeball, retina delivers the light impulses to brain, and where they’re recognized as the visual images. As it is very delicate, its intricate structure, retina is highly vulnerable to many different diseases or disorders. AMD or age-related macular degeneration disease affects the small area at center of retina known as macula, and causing decline in the visual acuity. The estimated 15 million people struggle with this on daily basis. Providing they’re caught early, and conditions that strike retina will get managed successfully with the medical treatment.

Corneal Conditions

One more very sensitive structure, cornea is a clear window of an eye, which covers iris and pupil. From the scratches to the dryness and inflammation, there are many things that will cause the corneal issues. No matter whether condition is result of the injury or infection, ophthalmologist will prescribe the ointments and antibiotic drops for treating the common problems.

Eyelid Problems

By cleaning and lubricating lenses through blinking, eyelids play a very important role in the visual health. The disorders that will affect vital structure need immediate medical attention. While caused by the weakening of muscles, which control eyelid, ophthalmologist might suggest surgery to tighten eyelid as well as return this to the normal position.

Pediatric State

Not each vision problem can be caused by aging. Some issues are likely to emerge at childhood and adolescence. Two common pediatric disorders will be amblyopia or strabismus. Better called as “lazy eye” or “crossed eyes”, these conditions will often get corrected with the prescription eyeglasses.