What are the main side effects of tea tree oil on human skin?

Every kind of oil which is used as a healing medium has got some kind of side effects. The sensitive skins are very much prone to such side effects. People usually feel a bit insecure to use the oils because of side effects. Yet, these things are actually quite productive in healing various kinds of skin rashes.

Here, we will be dealing with Tea tree oil and its side effects. Though this particular oil is extremely effective but on the flip side there are certain negative attributes which force people not to use this. Before moving on, one thing should be kept in mind that the side effects can only occur to some very sensitive skins. Different people may have different effect.


The various side effects of Tea tree oil are

  • Can cause rashes- There is a high chance that after using tea tree oil a person can get massive rashes on his or her body. This again can occur depending on the skin. Some may get affected and the others may not. Generally this oil causes rashes along with redness of the skin.  Along with this few people may experience itching and may be some other skin infections.
  • It is definitely a toxic material- This is 100% toxic if people consumes it even in a small quantity. The oil causes drowsiness, abdominal pain, confusion, weakness, vomiting and some other serious threat to the body.
  • It interferes with the hormones- In a research study it has been proved that tea tree oil is completely estrogenic and interferes in the normal functioning of the hormones.  In certain situation it leads to the growth of breast or prepurbertal gynaecomastia in young boys.
  • Blistering disorder- Tea tree oil is highly responsible for blistering disorder. This is very common and has happened with various people.
  • Can interact with drugs- The effects of tea tree oil can interfere with the way the drugs performs in our body.  This sometimes reduces the effect of drugs on the body which creates a bigger issue.  The oil turns the level of drugs in the body and hardly allows it to work properly.
  • Leads to bad breath- This oil is the biggest factor for bad breath. After using this particular oil there is high chance that people may have bad breath or some burning in the mouth when it comes in contact with certain soft things.

Tea tree oil causes more such side effects in the body but not a single one is too serious and threatening. Along with this, there are many other effects to which the body reacts. Though it was said earlier, yet it will be better to make the people inform that sensitive skins are more prone to such side effects.

This may often happen that a particular person gets no such side effects on his or her body. Everything depends upon the immunity of the body.

In a nutshell, it can be said that Tea tree oil can actually be a productive item for various skin problems and also for cough and cold. The various side effects are only few of its demerits.