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What all you should know about gallstones treatment surgery?

The gallbladder is one of the most fascinating organs inside the human body. It releases and stores bile juice which is one of the most important enzymes for the digestion of food. If you have studied biology you would understand that bile is one of the most important enzymes for the digestion of fat. Without bile juice, it is very difficult for the human body to digest fatty acids or any type of oil.

The bile juice is secreted by the gallbladder which is a tiny pouch-like substance present just below the second lobe of the liver. This gallbladder can undergo various problems which include gallstones. If you are not familiar with gallstones, you must know about kidney stones. Like there are calcium ions and crystals or oxalate crystals present in kidney stones, there are cholesterol and fat lumps that makeup gallstones. There are various ways where you can treat gallstones, and there are various ways where you can be diagnosed with gallstones. That are even gallstones treatment surgery done, and let us study these in this article.

gallbladder surgery

All about gallstones treatment surgeries:-


It is not possible for everyone that has a gallstone to get it surgically removed. For gallstone treatment surgeries to occur, one must understand that there are different types and sizes of gallstones. Some gallstones can be dissolved with the help of medicine, and these gallstones are usually not treated by surgery. They are made up of cholesterol or fat lumps that can be dissolved with the help of enzymes secreted with the medicines.

There are even different sizes of gallstones, and they can range from a tiny grain to big peas. There are even studies that have revealed that golf ball-sized gallstones have also been reported. It is based on genetics too, and your gene plays a very important role in you getting gallstones.

Gallstones treatment surgeries usually involve medicines that can dissolve your gallstones or proper surgeries. There is a type of surgery especially available for gallstones which are known as laparoscopic gallstone surgery. Small incisions are made on the abdomen that helps the doctors to get to the gallstones without them having to cut the whole abdomen. Diagnosis of gallstones is usually done with the help of ultrasounds. There are two different types of ultrasounds available, and one of them is the endoscopic method. Gallstone treatment surgeries are usually done with the help of a nano-camera attached to a flexible string.