What All You Need To Know About Spinal Decompression Treatment

Many people who’re suffering from severe back pain must be familiar with spinal decompression therapy or treatment. This treatment is all about providing you relief from back pain by the process of stretching your spine through a traction table or a device that is ideal for traction. But, many new patients who’re advised undergo spinal decompression treatment feel confused about this therapy. Are you also going to have the same treatment? Do you want to know more about this treatment? Today’s content revolves around the above-mentioned title.

Here is a guide that’ll let you know all about the spinal decompression treatment. So, let’s have a close look at this guide:

Comprises of both nonsurgical and surgical process

Many people might think that it is a surgical process. But, you’ll find two types of spinal decompression therapy that comprises of surgical and nonsurgical. Surgical treatment is considered the last option when all the medications fail. The surgical process is performed by an experienced orthopedic surgeon. Before advising surgery, the patient will be asked about the pain and perform different teats or x-rays. If the back pain is treatable with medication and therapy then patients will be advised for the traction process. This spinal nonsurgical decompression is performed with a traction device that is used for gently stretching your spine and for releasing out extreme pressure on the nerves.

How effective this treatment is?

This is the most usual questions that have been asked by various patients.  The answer to this question is yes as it has worked successfully for a wide number of people. According to different studies, patients said that they didn’t feel pain from back-related problems or herniated discs even after 2 or 3 years. This spinal decompression treatment works effectively for those patients who are suffering from diseases like a degenerative disc or who have had accidents.

How does it work?

Rincon spinal decompression treatment is an effective medical therapy for patient’s severe back pain. In this treatment, a special depression unit is used that mainly allows the patients in targeting separation in the main spot where discs or nerves are getting compressed. Before starting the procedure, MRI and X-rays will be performed to find out the main location of the pain. After this, the patient will be positioned on a table with a waist harness. Your doctor will select pressure levels of decompression pressure levels as per the need of the treatment.

Patients who are not good for the treatment of spinal decompression

Non-surgical treatment of spinal decompression doesn’t have any risk but in some cases, it is avoided to be conducted.  If you’re having osteoporosis, spinal fusion and spinal stenosis then this treatment won’t be prescribed to you. Apart from this, pregnant lady and the one who is having ankylosing spondylitis are also not allowed for this traction therapy.

Spinal decompression is a super effective therapy that quickly stops the spine and back pain. There is no risk involved with this decompression treatment. With all these above-mentioned points of the guide, you’ll come to know more about this treatment.