Weight loss advice you must never have heard before – Staying healthy

Your weight is nothing but a balancing act and the calories are a vital part of that equation. When it comes to losing weight, it includes burning more calories than what you take in and this can be done by reducing the added calories which you intake from beverages and food and by increasing the calories that you burn through different sorts of physical activity. While this sounds to be pretty simple, it is challenging enough to implement some effective, practical and sustainable weight loss program.

Now you can speak to your doctor about getting support with your weight loss program. Ask yourself if this is the good time to make certain changes in your diet. Plan smart and predict how you could handle situations which challenge your power to resolve things. Here are few medical weight loss programs and health tips and advices that you can follow in order to lose weight.


Tip #1: Eating variety of things is often overrated

We all have heard of the advice which asks you to take a bite of everything whenever you’re eating at a buffet. But as it turns out, variety doesn’t deserve too much reputation as eating a bit of everything will make you eat more. For example, if you eat more French fries and mayonnaise, this will increase the calories that you consume.

Tip #2: Take barley when you eat breakfast

If you didn’t know this, you should know that barley is the new oatmeal. Barley has got a reputation of fighting hunger as eating rye kernels and barley for breakfast can keep your blood sugar at a constant level. This is because the carbohydrates in rye kernels and barley are low glycemic index and this raises blood sugar slowly than other carb foods. Make sure you buy hulled barley and not pearl barley.

Tip #3: Add chicken to your lunch salad

One of the most common errors which dieters make is to eat a veggie salad with either little or no dressing for lunch. The result is that they’re starving by mid-afternoon. A salad is indeed a great choice and if you add little bit of protein and fat, this will keep you full for a longer time. So, what should you do to add protein to your salad? Top the vegetables with 3 oz piece of chicken breast and you will have added 26 gms of protein but 140 calories.

Tip #4: Make a stock of frozen vegetables

Fresh vegetables are nutritious and delicious but whenever you face the need of scraping a carrot, washing and slicing it, you will definitely reach out for chips. In order to simplify things, stock your freezer with frozen vegetables as this is the best way of eating vegetables.

So, what are you waiting for? If you think you’re ready to lose weight, make sure you take the above mentioned steps to shed those extra pounds and get back your lost figure.