Wearing Invisalign – Have the Perfect Smile

To avoid bacteria, it’s incredibly important that people keep their Invisalign trays clean and safe. The Invisalign trays are virtually invisible, which is one of the primary benefits for you. If they aren’t clean, everyone will see your stained trays.

By not cleaning your Invisalign, bacteria will build up which causes unwanted odor and discoloration. Having clean trays is an essential factor for oral hygiene. Here some guidelines to keep your Invisalign trays clean and looking like a new one. You should follow these daily.

Every morning, take your trays and clean it thoroughly

Since you will be sleeping with the Invisalign trays; you’re sleeping with a lot of bacteria that would have been built on the trays. At the start of the day, you should remove the trays and clean it first. You may do it every evening as well.

Rinse your trays each time while after removing from your teeth

To prevent bacteria, you should rinse your trays every time you take it out from your mouth. After every meal, you need to rinse your trays to avoid the build-up bacteria.

Avoid hot water to rinse the trays because it can warp the trays and bend them out of shape.

Soak Your Trays Daily

The efficient way to clean your trays is to soak your trays daily by using either Invisalign cleaning or denture cleaner. After soaking, to rid the trays of bacteria or food particles, you can use a spare toothbrush and brush it too.

How to Clean?

Cleaning Invisalign is very easy; it will take just a few minutes. First, you should know how to clean invisalign and what is the thing you should use while cleaning. Do you want to clean Invisalign properly? You will need a toothbrush or a retainer brush, and denture or retainer cleaner. The process of cleaning is:

  • You should rinse your trays with lukewarm water, which means it isn’t too cold or too hot.
  • Using a toothbrush, brush the entire trays both inside and out gently.
  • Once you have done the brushing, you need to rinse the tray under lukewarm water again.

After that, you should inspect it carefully if the retainer has any calcium or tartar. If there is any calcium build-up, soak your Invisalign in a retainer or denture cleaning solution. This cleaning system is specially designed for Invisalign retainers.

After completing the process, you can fix it back into your mouth.


  1. Don’t use the toothpaste to clean your trays

At the first time, Invisalign patients clean their trays with toothpaste. Hereafter, don’t do this because it causes damage and discolors your trays or dull sheen which will make your tray more noticeable in your mouth.

  1. Don’t rinse and soak your trays under Hot water

Most people know that hot water can damage your trays. So, you shouldn’t use it to rinse or soak your Invisalign trays.

  1. Don’t use colored or scented soaps

It can stain your trays and give an unpleasant residual taste. Just use lukewarm water to rinse it

Now that you understood how to clean invisalign and the dos and don’ts too, always keep your Invisalign Clean and transform your smile for the better.