Ways and Importance to Bottle Feed the Breastfed Baby

To start weaning babies from bottles is necessary because besides providing nourishment to them, it’s important to provide comfort and security to them.

It’s true that an infant is the specialist of feeding, some lactation consultants are asked about feeding the baby properly with bottles. Direct breastmilk feeding is considered to be one of the best substances. But, it’s important to make them habitual to bottle-feeding. It’s difficult to bottle feed the breastfed baby so the following are some of the best ways that you can follow if the infant is under the age of 6 months.

Babies should be bottle-fed
Hold the bottle in the upright position and keep in mind to avoid letting the baby drink if he’s lying down. This is the position which is associated with the certain ear infections and the bottle caries. You should also hold the baby often at times, even when they aren’t being fed. This will train them to not being held at the time of eating.

 It’s also good to switch them from one side to other, midway through a feed. This provides them development and also the eye stimulation. Babies should be bottle-fed because it usually mimics the experience of breastfeeding.

Check all the basics to buy the best

Picking the best bottle for your child is one of the overwhelming experiences and when selecting the right bottle, there are some important things that you need to learn. Below are four main basics that you should consider before buying a bottle for your child.

There are different types of nipples that come in the market. While buying the bottle, look for the one that can be replaced easily for the next size according to the growth of your child or if one nipple gets cracked, discolored or becomes thin.

You can also go for the nipples made of silicon or latex, because silicon is firm, whereas latex is softer.

Bottles come in different shapes such as some are straight, while some are wide. If you choose the bottle with the broader neck, it’s easy for you to clean it.

Pick the bottle that is made up of glass or stainless steel; since they are unbreakable. Choosing the one that’s free from BPA is also a good choice because these bottles are usually eco-friendly and don’t cause any harmful infections.

Anti-colic features
Usually, you don’t learn what causes colic, but bottles that are angled from the top and have special features of venting limits the amount of air enter into it.

Final thought: Don’t compromise with the quality
If you choose the bottle from the brands like Dr.Brown’s as it would be good for your child. Such brand uses good materials that don’t cause any issues with the health of your child. Products from such brands provide certain features in the standard starter that are as follows:

  • You can use the bottle either with or without valve
  • The products are scientifically checked and proven to contribute to your baby’s health
  • No air bubbles will be there
  • There will be no burping, colic, and vomiting
  • The pressure will be similar to that of breastfeed.

There are a lot many features that the brands like Dr. Brown’s provide in their products. It’s good for your child if you don’t compromise with the quality of products you buy for your baby. To keep them healthy, buy the products that have been scientifically proven.