Virtual doctors and telemetry

Today virtual doctors and telemetry make it possible to get an expert opinion and seek a doctor’s help from the comfort of your home. No more having to take a day off, bearing pain, or searching for doctors in a dangerous situation. Just go online and seek a face-to-face, online doctor. Want a second opinion on a health issue, the diagnosis of the health checkup packages and your test results from the full body checkup? Visit an online doctor via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Such virtual visits are gaining popularity in India, and even insurance companies and health care packages herald and accept the potential for telehealth to deliver cost-effective, efficient, and convenient health care without compromising quality.

NarayanaHrudalaya has set the benchmark for using telemetry for cardiac operations. Telemetry makes for round-the-clock access to doctors, who see patients via webcam for common problems that don’t require emergency physical interventions. That includes rash, cold, cough, pain management, second opinions and a host of other issues.

Reports suggest video conferencing has been widely embraced and close to half the number of patients use one form of telemetry or the other. First-time mothers with no help and access to immediately rush to the doctor also find virtual doctor visits a boon. That is not to say you can avoid going to your doctor. But it helps and provides instant care in common doubts and sicknesses. Both rural patients and doctors are benefitting from such virtual clinics and visits.

Types of Services

Patients sign up and pick an available doctor, who diagnoses their problem and prescribes treatment, if necessary. Other services are also offered at varying prices like visits with an online nutritionist, physiotherapist and so on.

Doctors can easily handle a range of common problems and can refer to an in-person visit if required or the situation requires the immediate attention of a hospital, doctor or needs a physical examination and curing touch.

Due diligence is crucial on the web and the internet. Ask yourself these questions and seek answers on the teleprovider’s site.

  • Who and how qualified is the virtual doctor?
  • What type of services can a virtual doctor provide?
  • How much are the fees?
  • Is my privacy and medical record protected?
  • Will it be shared if required by your doctor?

Virtual visits don’t just stop there. Virtual care program using online questionnaires are becoming popular. A patient who has chronic conditions which often require frequent appointments can benefit from this and restrict the number of physical doctor visits to a phone call and a minimum of clinic visits.

In the case of rural patients, telemetry can help the treating doctor talk to the remote specialist via video calls. Even for acute care of simple cases, such as sore throats, cough, and colds, it is advisable to visit your primary care doctor whenever possible.

Costs of Telehealth Visits.

Virtual doctor visits in India can be more expensive than a regular visit. But commercialization, reimbursement by insurance companies, employers and the benefits of telemetry use by online doctors compensate the higher costs with immediate service, help, and care by experts. This mode is a definite blessing to both doctors and patients and will replace unnecessary doctor visits.