Various Materials That Are Used As Facial Fillers

You will find the facial skin is often the giveaway of the age of a person. When a person has got tight and glowing skin of the face, you will feel that the person is young and when the face has got a lot of wrinkles or sagging skin, the person looks aged. These are the visible signs of facial aging and these lines mostly appear where the skin has a natural inclination to crease or fold. Especially the areas around the eyes and the side of the mouth gets the lines first as they are crinkled during a smile. The forehead also gets a lot of wrinkles due to the person worrying too much.

Types of fillers for the face

Now when you want to get rid of these lines and wrinkles, you need facial fillers San Diego to work for you. These fillers are FDA approved fillers that are mostly injected in the area for improving the facial skin. The materials that are injected are later absorbed by the body and hence the effect is temporary. There are few such bodies too that are not absorbed and will remain in the place where it is used. There are some filler that contain lidocaine that is used to reduce pain or any type of discomfort from the fillers.

There are some materials that are used in the fillers and they have separate properties.

  • Collagen –it is a protein that is used in the facial tissues as fillers. These are taken from cow or from the cells of human beings. The effect is seen for 3 to 4 months and are materials that lasts for shortest period.
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite – it is found in human bones and is used as filler in moderate creases. This is also used to enhance the fullness of the cheeks and different other contours of the face. This is also used to make volume on the face for patients, with serious illness, taking medications that affect the facial volume.
  • Hyaluronic acid – this is injected in the facial contour to remove scars and injuries. This gives dramatic improvement on the facial tissues. The acne scars, crow’s feet at the eyes, lines from smile or frown and scars from burn or wounds are taken off using this material. This one is a natural material found in human body – in soft facial contours or in joint fluids and skin tissue.
  • Non absorbable material – (Polymethylmetharcrylate beads or PMMA microspheres) This one is non-biodegradable as it is manmade material. This is used as soft fillers for the facial tissues. These beads are placed in gel like collagen from cows and are then pushed into the tissues of the face.
  • Unapproved fillers for the face – This is named Juvederm and is sold in the United States. This is sold on prescription and can be injected only by a health care provider. This is not approved by the FDA and hence they do not support its use.

The dermal fillers are not any chemical makeup and comes with different degrees of strength while in use. The softness varies and hence the uses in different zones of the face are a must. Softer ones are used in the lips and the not so soft ones are used in the cheek to give an enhanced look there. These fillers are mostly used to improve the appearance and have minimum risks while in use.