Unsure About Lasers In Dental Care? 5 Advantages Of Laser Dentistry Over Surgical Scalpels

While it may seem like a concept out of a science fiction show, lasers are now becoming more common in dental practices.

And, while the idea of having lasers fired into your mouth may make you shudder, rest assured that they are a different kind of laser from the ones you see on any sci-fi show! Depending on where the laser is going to be used in your mouth, your dental team will usually opt for CO2 lasers for soft-tissue incisions, and for hard tissue incisions, they will either choose an ER YAG (which uses infrared light to make incisions) or an EXCIMER laser, which produces ultraviolet light.

Sounds technical? Do not worry! When you approach a dentist in Coorparoo that offers laser treatments, you may be surprised at how good they are.

So what are some of the other advantages that laser dentistry offers over traditional dental techniques?


It is an interesting concept when considering the words dentistry and lasers that the use of a laser during a dental extraction, filling or root canal actually allows your dentist Coorparoo QLD to make more precise incisions.

As a laser can emit targeted amounts of energy to one area, there is no damage to surrounding tissue or enamel, allowing for a more precise treatment. This inevitably shortens the time that you will be in the dental chair, and speeds up healing time too.

Less bleeding

With the more targeted approach, there is less chance of you experiencing excessive bleeding following laser treatment.

Indeed, as your dentist Coorparoo Brisbane will tell you, surgical scalpels are prone to slipping, and can unknowingly cause damage to surrounding soft tissues. Ergo, more bleeding and longer healing, which is no good for anyone!

No incisions

While the idea of having lasers aimed at your gums may sound more worrisome than your dental team using a scalpel, it also means that there will be no heavy incisions made into your gum line. And, while it may be an odd place to be concerned about scars, scarred gums can prove to be somewhat problematic in relation to other procedures.

Because scarred gums can create issues with cosmetic treatments like the fitting of oral implants over an extraction site, making the healing process longer and tougher. With lasers, there are no scars, no open wounds requiring stitching and no secondary issues with hardening gum tissue. Perfect!

Enhanced comfort

As mentioned before, if you have ever had a tooth extracted, you will know how sore the site can be following the stitches being placed.

And, while your mouth will be numbed during any surgical incision, it can still create an unpleasant feeling of pressure. However, with lasers, many patients report a minor feeling of intense heat, making the treatment and the aftercare easier to endure.

Faster healing time

With no scars, no open wounds and less bleeding, there is less chance of developing a dental abscess and so, you will experience an accelerated healing time following laser dentistry, which can only be a plus!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.