Orthodontic conditions

Understanding malnutrition in the elderly

Older people remain the most at-risk group of the UK population susceptible to poor nutrition issues. The charity, Age UK, reports that out of the 12.2 million older adults in the UK,1 million face malnutrition.

Nature of poor nutrition in the older generation

The complexity of the problem is aided and abetted by the number of varied factors that can contribute towards malnourishment. There are many reasons for those over the age of 65 not getting an adequate intake of the necessary nutrients required for energy, optimal body function and mental and emotional wellbeing.

These challenges that affect senior adults cover both physical challenges, including difficulties in chewing and bite function as a result of missing teeth, as well as psychosocial ones such as loneliness and reduced incomes.

In addressing the problem of poor dental conditions, an effective teeth restoration solution – dental implants Stockton, offers many desirable benefits that are not generally provided by conventional artificial teeth devices used to replace lost natural teeth and is seen as a viable solution to helping patients resume confident eating abilities.

The design of dental implants in Stockton-on-Tees focuses on removing many of the challenges associated with artificial teeth devices and the plus points range from enhanced comfort to durability to uncompromising stability.

Why adequate nutrition is important

Proper nutrition is important for numerous reasons and not just to quell the pangs of hunger. Without the required amounts of protein and essential vitamins and minerals, the human body is unable to function as intended, resulting in all sorts of disorders and ailments and we then experience a decreased quality of life.

According to the UK Care Guide nutrition is important for a number of important reasons.

Orthodontic conditions

The supply of energy

Food provides fuel for the body to enable you to take care of yourself and do all the things you need to do to live a fulfilling life. Many senior citizens lack the levels of physical energy they used to enjoy when they were younger and one reason for this may be that their eating patterns have changed.

To fight off illnesses

One of the conditions that need to be met for the immune system to protect the body from illnesses, is an adequate body mass index (BMI) level. Older persons who have lost significant weight unintentionally over a three to six month period are at risk of low BMI and are at increased risk of developing infections.

Manage chronic conditions

Many chronic conditions and impaired organ function are a result of mineral and vitamin deficiencies caused by poor diets. Regulatory health bodies encourage a healthy eating plan that comprises foods from each food group for both young and old, to ensure that your body receives all the mandatory nutrients it needs.

Improve mental function

To keep its sharp functions, the brain also needs to be fed with the right amounts of nutrients and energy. People who lack the appropriate diet will find their cognitive abilities and memory decline.

Seniors who have teeth missing and experience eating difficulties can schedule a consultation for dental implants with a qualified professional to improve their quality of life.