Types of Beauty Products Used to Reshape the Body

After losing weight, you may have areas of loose skin that are difficult to tone. Other women may have excess fat that they cannot get rid of, no matter how much they exercise or diet to try to lose it. If you have these problems, there are several beauty products that you can use to reshape these areas of your body.

Slimming Products

Many beauty product manufacturers make a line of slimming products that can help reduce fat or tone skin in problem areas. These areas usually include around the hips, which are commonly referred to as love handles, the underside of arms, or around the bust. There are creams, lotions and oils available that target some of these problem areas.

Shaping Products

Body shaping creams and lotions can be massaged into areas of your body where you are trying to get rid of excess fat or tone the skin. Most of these products include natural ingredients that create a thermogenic effect to reduce small amounts of body fat, to tighten skin and give you a slimmer looking figure. There are usually several products that work in conjunction with each other to produce the results that many women want when trying to reduce fat in certain problem areas.


Along with helping to reduce fat, some of these products may also act to reduce unwanted cellulite on the underside of arms or around the thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is the dimpled areas of fat that exist in some parts of the body for many women. These creams and lotions are among some of the best slimming products recommended by ladies.

Targeted Slimming Products

While many body shaping creams and lotions can be applied anywhere on the body where you have problems with pockets of fat, there are other products designed to target certain areas. Some manufacturers create lifting gels or firming lotions to reduce fat or firm the skin around the bust. It can be difficult to lose fat in this area, because there really isn’t a way to target it with exercise.

Contouring Oils

Another way to reduce the appearance of excess fat or loose skin is to use contouring oils that promote drainage of excess fluids. Fluid build-up can cause the skin to appear dimpled, as is the case with cellulite, and contouring oils penetrate the skin to help the fluids drain so these areas look slimmer and toned. You can massage the oil into the skin yourself, or allow a professional masseur to use it in areas that you have trouble reaching.

To help these slimming products penetrate the skin, many companies make body scrubs that exfoliate dead skin from the pores. When skin pores are unblocked, the creams, lotions or oils are able to penetrate the skin better and work to drain fluids, tone skin and get rid of pockets of excessive fat that may embarrass you. Although some people are sceptical about how well they work, body shaping products can work if used as directed on a regular basis.