Acne scar removal Hong Kong

Top things to try out when acne will not clear

Are you tried after doing about everything you can for getting rid of the acne scars but see blemishes? No need to despair. For clearer skin, probably you have to make a few changes.

Following tips from the professional acne treatment Hong Kong dermatologists will help you to get started.

Give your acne treatment 4 weeks

Using the new acne product each few days might appear useful, however, that approach will worsen your acne. The acne treatment requires a little time to work properly. Using the different product each few days will irritate the skin and causing some new breakouts. Suppose acne scar removal Hong Kong treatment works out for you, then you must notice a little improvement in four to six weeks. It will take 2 to 3 months and longer to see acne clearing. Suppose you notice any kind of improvement, use this treatment. Even if you see clearing, you will have to keep using your acne treatment. It helps to prevent the new breakouts.

Acne scar removal Hong Kong

Why to see dermatologist for acne? 

Suppose you have got severe acne, dermatologist will create the proper treatment plan that can help to clear the skin. The acne products you buy at a store will not treat the severe acne.

Attack different acne causes

Suppose you do not see any kind of improvement after four to six weeks, add second acne product in your treatment plan. The approach will help to attack different causes of the acne. Bacteria, oil, clogged pores, as wel las inflammation will all cause you acne. Obviously, second treatment must attack the different cause of the acne. For instance, if you use the acne treatment that has benzoyl peroxide, second acne treatment must have a different acne-fighting ingredient. For helping you to choose another product, here is what different active ingredients will work on:

  • Salicylic acid eases unclogs pores and inflammation
  • Retinoids, like adapalene gel, reduce oiliness and unclog pores
  • Benzoyl peroxide reduces P. acnes bacteria

You may buy the acne treatment that has these ingredients at a store or online. You do not require any kind of prescription. Try one or two products, and provide them a little time to work on. Trying many products will stress the skin, and worsening your acne.

Follow right directions

When using the acne treatment will appear very straightforward, so how much do you use & how often you are using it will make a vast difference. Make sure you follow the right directions. Suppose the dermatologist created the treatment plan, you must follow the doctor’s instructions as wel las use everything the dermatologist included in your treatment plan. Using just some acne treatment that the dermatologist prescribes can be a reason you have acne.