Tips to Keep Your Nails Strong and Healthy

Our fingernails are so visible that they can become hard, harbor germs, and just look unattractive. Most of the woman works all-day, whether they’re typing, farming, or cleaning. This continuous usage of nails can cause nasty dust buildup under your nails.

Regular nail care can give you healthy nails that you can be happy and proud to take to out or work in the office. Visit to shop nail care basics and make your nails look healthy and glowing.

Here are the tips to keep your fingernails clean and pretty.

Preventing dirty nails

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep your nails clean and make it look healthy. Simply wash and clean your nails daily, wear gloves when you cook, clean, or during other activities, and groom your nails in specific intervals.

  • Avoid chewing or biting your nails: This will make nails look smashed, and saliva and bacteria will impulse into your fingernails beds. It will gather debris and dust underneath your nails and make them look unclean. It also leads to infections in the skin around your nails and your cuticles.
  • Wear gloves when getting dirty: If you’re working at home, such as scrubbing, digging, and making foods, it’s recommended to wear gloves. A glove protects your nails from dust and blocks any harsh washing soap from disparaging your fingernails.
  • Scrape your nails against a bar of soap: In case, if you’re doing some difficult-to-clean materials, such as food stain or dark ink, you can’t wear gloves. You will require protecting the area beneath your fingernails by rubbing your nails along a piece of soap powder. Try using soft soap, this will push the detergent into your fingernails beds and stop any debris and dust.

Cleaning your nails

It’s recommended to clean your nails once in a week.

  • Remove any nail paint: Soak a cotton pad or cotton ball with nail paint remover and softly wipe the pouring cotton against your nails. Remove the nail polish, but make sure you don’t over-scrub your nails. Over-doing can damage your nails or pour your nails in the remover can weaken your fingernails and make your skin dry.
  • Scrub away stains: When you do a lot of harsh activity, you nails are badly stained. To whiten your nails once again, create a cleaning paste with mixing baking soda, few drops of lemon juice, and hydrogen peroxide. By using an old toothbrush, scrub your fingernails with the paste for three to five minutes and rinse.
  • Apply moisturizer: After washing your hands with warm water, apply some moisturizer all over your palm and fingernails. This will make your nails look clean and shiny.

Grooming your nails

  • Trim your nails: Trimming nails regularly helps you to avoid breaking and snagging and helps to maintain healthy nails. Use sharp manicure scissors or fine file to cut and smooth out the edges of your fingernails.
  • Apply a top coat or nail hardener: Wearing nail polish isn’t harmful to your healthy fingernails. Before applying nail paint, apply a top coat or nail hardener to give a glossy sheen. Visit to buy Miracote wet look finish which is super-fast, super-shine, and super-durable.