Tips to control hair damage by Richfeel Treatments and its Reviews

In the past few decades, since the use of chemicals has increased in the fashion industry, the amount of damage that we do to our hair is beyond imagination. Hair sprays, dyes, colors, shampoos and other products are ruining the hair to an extent where even home remedies stop working. In addition to that the increase in air pollution, change in diet that is causing hormonal imbalance, a lot of stress at home and at the workplace are some of the other factors which are causing a lot of damage to the hair. Split ends, dry and rough hair, dry and itchy scalp, loss of texture, thin hair, and hair breakage become a common problem for all ages in both males and females. There are many articles and blog sites which talk about the Richfeelhair treatment reviews and to guide you how to deal with hair falls.

Tips to control hair damage at initial stages

There are several methods that can reduce the hair damage caused by different reasons. Some of the home remedies and tips are listed below which can help in the process.

  • Massage the scalp with coconut milk as it nourishes the tissues.
  • Regularly massage scalp with natural oils like olive, coconut, almond etc. Lukewarm oil will relieve the nerves as well.
  • You can also use aloe Vera and onion juice to massage as they maintain the pH level of the scalp.
  • Using neem water helps in strengthening the roots of the hair.
  • Alma and coconut oil are a great combination for reducing hair damage. You will need to soak dry amla in coconut for some time and wait till the oil turns black. Use that oil to massage the scalp.

Tips to prevent damage

  • Avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid regular hair styling as it damages the roots.
  • Do not tie hair too tight.
  • For better future growth, clean the ends of the damaged hair. Cut the split hair.
  • Avoid using a hair
  • Do not use a comb when your hair is wet.

The ANA-D-TOX treatment by Richfeel Clinics

In case the hair damage is far beyond the controllable level, do consult Trichologist as soon as possible. Richfeel clinics have some of the top certifiedTrichologist working at their facilities. You can read the Richfeel reviews to learn more on how these Trichologist’s are really effective. They have a special treatment called ANA-D-TOX to avoid and reverse hair damage. If you are habitual of using chemicals on your hair then you must have been facing a lot of issues with damaged hair.

This particular treatment organically reverses the damage caused by the chemicals. The revolutionary Ana-d-Tox therapy uses Power THP with natural proteins from Quinoa, Wheat, and Barley. These proteins detoxesrevive, protect and repair the damage caused by the chemicals.

The therapy uses a unique machine from Biotec Italy which ensures deeper penetration of the proteins in the hair. The proteins help in reducing the itching, prevent dryness and make hair smoother and silkier. Richfeel Anagrow treatment reviews by their patient’s has proven it to be another revolutionary treatment invented by Richfeel for dealing with hair fall.

The reviews of ANA-D-TOX treatment

In the past few years, it’s clinics have helped thousands of patients in reducing the effect of harsh chemicals on the hair. The hair treatment provides 100% success rate and the Richfeelpatient’s reviews on medium prove this. The time period required for the treatment depends on the nature of the damage. With more than 75 centers across the country, Richfeel has committed to the aim to help the patients to have healthy scalp and hair.