Tips On How To Make Your Home Office Healthier

Being in a position to work from home has many benefits. Because who doesn’t like being the boss, or the one in charge of all the executive decisions? But being an entrepreneur also comes with several challenges, especially when your home doubles as your working space. You have to deal with distractions and the fact that your mind is programmed to relax while in the comfort of your house.

So, when you think about making your home office healthier, it basically means turning it into the type of space where you’ll feel productive and motivated. It doesn’t mean you need to turn it into a gym of sorts or only stock healthy snacks in the mini-bar.

The following suggestions and tips on how to make your home office healthier should help to build focus and get your productive juices flowing.

  1. Get Rid Of Clutter

One of the fundamental rules for being productive is to get rid of the clutter around you. And you’ll be surprised at how the smallest thing can end up as the biggest distraction.

Take a good look at your desk and pay attention to all the unnecessary stuff on top of it. Also, pay attention to stickers or photos close to your computer screen. Because while you get used to these things cluttering your desk, you don’t realize how distracting they can be.

People, in general, have a very short attention span. And when looking at a photo while feeling just a little bit tired can bring up old memories and emotions, causing you to take a trip down memory lane instead of working.

Working from home requires a discipline that’s tough to uphold, and small distractions in the form of clutter around your desk will not make the situation any easier.

Instead, get your desk organized and make it easy to finish and move between tasks. You want your mind to go into “productive” mode when you sit down to work.

  1. Allow Natural Light

Your body functions according to a natural clock, which explains why you naturally want to sleep during the night. In fact, the hormone that promotes sleep (melatonin) is activated when the sun goes down.

By allowing more natural sunlight to stream through the window, you are getting necessary vitamin D and energy to push through the day. And not only will you feel more energized and productive, but you’ll get into a positive mood as well. You can also consider a deskview window desk, so you are sure to get plenty of light.

  1. Find A Balance Between Sitting And Standing

A lot of new research suggests that working while you stand can help with productivity levels. So, why not use this information at your home office?

When you feel tired of sitting, or you sense your concentration is faltering, stand up and work. In fact, you can invest in a standing table for this exact purpose. And when your legs get tired of standing, go back to your typical desk.

Setting up your office in a way that allows for standing and sitting while working can break the routine and significantly boost productivity.

Tips On How To Make Your Home Office Healthier

  1. Smart Decorations

A very important rule for a healthy office is to be functional first. That means painting the walls a color that primarily helps you to focus on the work in front of you. The same goes for the carpets and the seating. It’s more important for your chair to provide necessary support, rather than looking nice while hurting your back after 30 minutes.

As much as you want your home office to look visually appealing, don’t pay the price of functionality to get it. Keep it professional and the decor smart.

  1. A Designated Space To Decompress

Sometimes you just need to give your mind a break but walking out of your office and into the kitchen is more than just a break. It can quite possibly throw you off your productive game completely.

In a healthy office, there should be a corner or designated area for decompression purposes. Slide in a comfy chair close to the window and regard it as your “think” space. This way you’ll stay inside your work mindset while taking a much-needed break.

  1. Organized Storage

Inside a productive office, organized storage is a crucial factor. Not only should files be easy to find, but they should be kept organized and out of sight. If you are still using paper in the modern world, get cabinets that won’t take up too much space, but also allow for organized storage.

  1. Implement Your Goals And Vision

Yes, it’s nice to have a few family photos around, but in a healthy office, you want reminders of your goal and vision. Make a vision board filled with short-term goals and keep track of your progress.

You can even add pictures or cartoons of success, as long as they don’t draw your attention away from what is important. Essentially, these reminders can help you steer the course when you don’t feel like you have the discipline to keep going.

  1. Add Some Plants

Plants automatically add a sense of nature to an office without causing distractions. Instead, they create a refreshing and welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Pay Attention To Artificial Light

You might not know it, but the light bulbs can have a big influence on your state of mind. For example, you typically associate warm and yellow lights with the bedroom or living room. Cool and white bulbs cause you to be more focused and alert.

So, if you are planning on working through the night, warm and yellow lighting won’t help you get there. Opt for cool and white bulbs that will help to stay awake.

  1. Keep The Office Snack-Free

It feels like the most natural thing in the world to reach for a snack when you are tired or unmotivated. But you are not helping your situation, especially if you are heading towards a sugar rush.

The only thing that should be close to is refreshing water. In other words, get a water-cooler in your office to promote a healthy replacement for snacks. It’s a fact that drinking water sends oxygen to the brain and recharges it.   A healthy home office can do wonders for whatever business you are running, and it will help you to unlock your productive potential. But more importantly, it will keep you happy and motivated.