Tips for Selecting the Best Curing Light

Choosing a curing light is one of the most important equipment purchases you will make, and it is important to select the right one that will suit your style of practice, according to GPS Dent. For some, this is a piece of equipment you will use on nearly every patient. If you select the right light, it will result in more successful treatments, and the opposite is true if you select the wrong light.

There are a lot of claims about what some curing lights can accomplish. Make sure you do your research, as there is lots of controversy about misinformation centering on how long you have to cure, as well as how deep you can cure using the curing light.

The importance of a curing light cannot be underestimate. If you undercured a restoration procedure, it will affect the longevity of the treatment and the performance. This could lead to more work for you on having to sort out the problem you made.

There are many different types of curing light, but we would recommend an LED curing light. Why you may ask? Well, these curing lights are often cordless, are light in weight and are relatively small in comparison to other curing lights. The battery life is also very good since the LEDs don’t need that much energy to function. Overall, LED curing lights should be the type of light you should buy.

What LED Curing Light Should I Buy?

LED-C Woodpecker Curing Light

The LED-C Woodpecker Curing Light is one of our most popular lights. It offers cordless operation, with three different modes, namely, full, ramping and pulse. Changing the battery with this light is possible, which makes future maintenance a breeze. It comes fitted with a timer and an autoclavable light guide.

LED Dental Curing Light w/Built In Caries Detector

If you are looking for a high-end curing light, the LED Dental Curing Light w/Built In Caries Detector should be considered. It comes with a built in radiometer, and this light will not overheat during prolonged treatments, thanks to the smart heat management technology within the device. It comes with six different modes, namely, Low, Ramp, Standard, High, Plaque Inspect, & Caries Inspect. The manufacturers say that it only takes 3 seconds to cure 2mm of resin composite.

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