Time Spent Using A Float Tank : A Brief Summary Of Client Benefits

It has been proven that from helping those suffering from arthritis to manage pain to helping those who toss and turn due to insomnia to sleep floating therapy seems to be invading all facets of the medical world. Athletes who the main proponents of a  float tank since its invention back in the 60s reportedly healed from sport injuries much faster while also increasing their level of focus on the competitive field.

For the most part of the 70s and 80s, it was written off as something that was no more than a placebo element, but as time passed and the list of positive feedback piled on, it became obvious that there was something about the float tank that was actually making people feel better.

Even locally, using a float tank in Melbourne has become almost a fad among health enthusiasts and based on feedback, many are reporting that they feel as good as new these days. Below is some of the feedback taken from social media platforms, the names of these people have however been omitted to protect their privacy:

Feedback #1

The float tank makes me feel energised and I am able to focus on my work as an architect much better than ever before. I have new ideas, new concepts for designs popping up in my mind on a regular basis. Floatation tank therapy twice a week costs me 120 AUD for two sessions of 45 minutes each, in return I am in a better mood most of the time, I also feel less stressed with work and have somehow managed to have more socialising time.

Feedback #2

As a mother of 3 young children, I used to be burnt out by lunch time, but after my friend suggested floatation therapy, I decided to try it on a weekend. At first I did not feel any difference and decided that it was a waste of money, my friend advised me to try it at 4 day intervals at least 3 times before I quit and she even offered to pay half, so I agreed. The results overwhelmed me as on the 3rd week, I found myself waking up earlier than usual, I was more tolerant towards my kids and was not as easily irritated as before, as a matter of fact some of the things that they did which used to make me curse the heavens even seemed funny. I recommend floatation therapy to anybody who is under depression or subjected to stressful situation everyday – mothers especially.

Feedback # 3

PMS discomfort – I recommend floatation therapy, It worked for me wonderfully!

Feedback # 4

Headaches don’t bother me as much as they used too, floatation therapy (once a week) has somehow reduced the frequency of my headaches quite significantly.

Feedback # 5

As a sportsman, I would recommend floatation therapy for track runners. I float every 5 days and I can feel the difference in my running rhythm. I am more focused and have managed to improve my 400 meters dash timing by 1.3 seconds on average.