Three Options for Removing Unwanted Body Hair

Maintaining your body hair can be a pain and, if you nick yourself while shaving, it can be painful as well. While using hair removal creams removes the chances of drawing blood with a razor, they can be harsh on the skin and leave chemical burns. Instead of putting yourself through this pain, there are easier ways to remove body hair.

Body Waxing

Inside of risking chemical or razor burns, many women choose to have their leg, armpit and facial hair waxed off. They can either do it at home or, since it can last for several weeks, they may go to a salon or spa to be waxed. When it’s time to get out the bikinis for summer, some women will also have their bikini line waxed so they can wear more revealing swimsuit bottoms.

While waxing is an effective method for removing body hair, it can be painful. After all, you are having hot wax smoothed onto your skin to loosen and rip the hair from your body. While it doesn’t bother some women, others find it too painful to repeat and go back to shaving or using hair removal creams instead of waxing.


To keep unwanted hair away for longer periods of time, and sometimes permanently, some women choose to have electrolysis treatments. It is a good way to permanently remove a few hairs from your chin, jawline or other places where they appear. Electrolysis can also be done on larger portions of hair, such as under the arms.

The main drawback with electrolysis is the expense. It is far more expensive than shaving, hair removal creams, or waxing. In addition, it is also painful as it requires inserting a needle next to the unwanted hair and then heating it to kill the follicle. Since the needle can leave a tiny scar in the skin’s pigment, it is usually only recommended for women with fair skin tones.

Laser Removal

Another option for removing unwanted hair is laser removal. This option is much less painful than waxing or electrolysis and it is a semi-permanent way to remove hair. While hair can regrow several months after the last treatment, it can permanently reduce the number of hairs that grow back.

Laser hair removal can be done in a dermatologist’s office or at a hair removal clinic like Hollywood Skin. Using the pulsing light of lasers can be uncomfortable for some women, but it is far less painful than either electrolysis or waxing. In addition, you don’t need to maintain body hair after laser removal like you do when using removal creams or shaving

While it requires several treatments to help permanently remove body hair, they are quick and easy to do. A typical treatment can be done during your lunch hour and still leave you time to grab a bite to eat on the way back to your office. If you’re tired of shaving and cannot afford expensive electrolysis treatments, laser hair removal could be the answer to your hair problems.