The proper usage of Phentermine

If you are prescribed with Phentermine the recommended way take it by following the instruction of your doctor. Do not be disobedient of your doctor and never try to overdose the medicine. If you try to overdose this medicine then you can face some serious consequences and some of them can be very harmful to your body as well. The general complication which can occur due to the overdosing is the mental disorientation. Simultaneously few physical complications can occur as well. If your doctor is not specific about the time of the medicine then you can take one Adipex-P capsule daily at breakfast.

Generally, this medicine is available in four different kinds of forms. The four different forms are tablets, extended-release capsules, general capsules and disintegrating tablets. For all four different forms, the dosage is completely different from each other.

Provided that, you are taking the extended-release capsules, then the recommended way to taking it is by swallowing it by water. There is one thing you have to make sure and that is,don’tcrush the capsule while you are taking it. You can take the Adipex-P capsules daily at breakfast.

If you are taking the disintegrating tablets then you can surely take them with your food generally with your breakfast. However, if your doctor has given you different instructions, then always try to follow that instruction and never try to go beyond that. In order to take these tablets place it, ontop of your tongue and it will melt automatically. After the tablet is melted you can take a sip of water. This is the best way to take the disintegrating tablets.

In some cases, you will be prescribed with a tablet. If you are prescribed with a tablet then you have to swallow it with the water and never try to crush the tablet. You can also take a suggestion from the pharmacist as well.

If you are prescribed with this medicine then there is a chance that you may experience a bit of trouble while sleeping which is quite normal. However, there is a way to deal with this problem. It is recommended to take the tablet at least 5-6 hours before you go to the bed. If you follow it, then you won’t have any kind of trouble while sleeping. If you have any doubt aboutit then you can definitely consult with your doctor.

The dosage of the medicine generally differs from patient to patient. A doctor has to consider the current condition of the patient and apart from that, the doctor has to take note of the patient’s age as well.

Generally, this medicine is not recommended for the child under 16 years of age. However, if a child is suffering from obesity at 17 years of age then the medicine can be applicable for him at a mild dosage. The general recommended time for the medicine will be at least two hours after the breakfast. People with higher ages can take the medicine at higher dosage after consulting with the doctor.