The Positive Effect of Medicinal Marijuana in Sufferers of ADHD

ADHD is a chronic condition which is fast becoming one of the most prevalent and difficult to treat conditions in the 21st century. A lot of attention has been placed on certain cannabis strains which experts believe can offer a positive effect on sufferers of ADHD, by increasing levels of concentration and focus.

There haven’t been many verified scientific studies which have specifically looked at the effects cannabis has on ADHD, but we have plenty of anecdotal evidence which points to a strong link between the two. Therefore, we recommend that you proceed with caution. If you would like to try cannabis for ADHD, make sure you experiment with different strains, whether it be a strain high in THC, or high in CBD.


If you are looking for a strain that will boost your mental energy and promote engagement, Cinex is a strain to try. Users of this strain regularly report feelings of “wired euphoria”, allowing them to concentrate and be productive, whilst stimulating creativity. The Sativa effects of this strain allow you to ignite interest in what could be considered a dull task. We would advise against this strain if you suffer from anxiety, as it is prone to increase the number of thoughts you experience.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is quickly becoming one of the most popular strains in the dispensary, and is excellent for treating ADHD. Users of Sour Diesel have reported that the strain can stimulate engagement and promote creativity, allowing you to power through your tasks for the day. From personal experience, Sour Diesel can provide the “wired euphoria” that Cinex offers. Make sure you dose correctly however to achieve the desired effect, as a slight overdose can result in the opposite effect.

Green Crack

Despite the name of this strain, it is another we would recommend for the treatment of ADHD. It is called this name because of Snoop Dogg, who praised the strain’s stimulating effect, which is perfect for ADHD sufferers who need some motivation to be productive.The energy boost from this strain is pretty much instant, and focus was sharpened. You will also notice that the senses become a lot more vibrant, and you will quickly grow to love the tropical flavour of the strain.

True OG

If you need a calm focus, True OG should be your strain of choice. This strain can slow your thought process down, which is sometimes what a sufferer of ADHD needs. It can reduce stress, allowing you to eliminate any outside influences making it an easier task to focus.

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