The Must –try Bengal recipes

West Bengal is known for the rich and delicious vegetable recipes. It is the place where many popular dishes are made. West Bengal is also called as the land of maach. Macch literally means fish in Bengal. So, fish recipe from West Bengal is so famous as well as delicious. There are many varieties of Bengal recipes available, and some of the exciting recipes are listed below.

Dimer DhokaDalna and lachi Recipe

Dimer Dhoka is one of the most delicious recipes from the Bengali cuisines. It is a perfect snack for the evening. This is made with fresh potatoes, eggs, and some spices. This yummiest form of potato recipe creates multiple crispy layers. This aromatic curry is as delicious as egg curry. It can be accompanied with chapati, paratha, and other bread.


BhappaAloo is simple yet delicious food for the spice lovers. The special flavours of mustard oil and coconut paste will make you experience an awesome taste. It is a quick recipe that does not takes much time. The crunch potato with poppy seed adds more taste to the dish. BhappaAloo is a popular West Bengal dish that is getting famous in other countries too.

ChingriMalai curry

ChingriMalai curry is known for the fresh prawn and spicy vegetables. Chingri means river prawns, which are fresh and hygienic prawns. For this recipe, you can use fresh prawn rather than frosted prawn. The great combination of fresh prawn and the vegetables make it a healthy diet forever. This is a perfect curry dishes for all the non-vegetarians. This tasty recipe is accompanied with bread like chappatis. This curry will be your all-time favorite for breakfast.


No one says no for the fish recipe as it is both delicious as well as healthy. The health benefits of consuming Fish are numerous. Therefore, it is essential to include the fish in your daily meals. If you don’t like to consume fish curry, then you can try out this healthy recipe. This recipe is made with Hilsa, which is a special type of egg recipe.The spicy Masala in the fish fry makes it the all-time favourite fish recipe.


Jhingealooposto is a classic dish from West Bengal. The great combination of ridge gourd and potato makes it a delicious meal. Interestingly, the addition of hot green chillies and the poppy seeds makes it a mouth-watering Bengal dish. It is a quick and easy recipe to make. It is better served with TawaParatha. Besides, it can be accompanied with chappati, roti and all types of bread.


Chorrychorry is one of the most delicious dishes from the Bengal cuisine. It is a blend of brinjal, potatoes, cauliflower, and the spices. The addition of pumpkin seed to the dish makes it a delicious Bengal recipe. This is the perfect snack for the spice lovers. It can be better served with hot chillies and soya sauce.

These west Bengal recipes are a must-try recipe. If you want to try any of the easy recipes, then you can try Jhinge aloo posto recipe at any time.